2024.1 Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds support for overriding Prometheus, Let’s Encrypt lego, and etcd source URLs, versions, and sha256 sums using kolla-build.conf.

  • Replaced Tinkoff/libvirt-exporter with inovex/prometheus-libvirt-exporter. The Tinkoff/libvirt-exporter repository is archived, with its latest release in December 2022. The inovex/prometheus-libvirt-exporter is an active fork of zhangjianweibj/prometheus-libvirt-exporter and is expected to become a Prometheus community exporter in the future.

  • Added support for writing the build summary to a JSON file specified via the [DEFAULT] summary_json_file option.

  • Added support for cross-compilation. Enabled the creation of container images on emulated architectures.

Upgrade Notes

  • Kolla toolbox is now using ansible-core 2.16.

  • Upgraded ProxySQL to version 2.6.x.

  • Freezer container images have been dropped.

  • Murano container images have been dropped.

  • Senlin container images have been dropped.

  • Solum container images have been dropped.

  • Vitrage container images have been dropped.

  • Gnocchi version has been updated to 4.6.2.

  • Upgraded letsencrypt-lego from version v4.6.0 to version v4.15.0.

  • Overriding Prometheus, Let’s Encrypt lego, and etcd source URLs, versions, and sha256 sums using template-overrides.j2 is no longer supported. Please migrate these overrides to kolla-build.conf.

  • Upgraded prometheus-alertmanager to version 0.27.0.

  • Upgraded prometheus-cadvisor from version 0.47.2 to version 0.49.1.

  • Upgraded prometheus-elasticsearch-exporter to version 1.7.0.

  • Upgraded prometheus-memcached-exporter to version 0.14.2.

  • Upgraded prometheus-mtail to version 3.0.0-rc54.

  • Upgraded prometheus-mysqld-exporter to version 0.15.1.

  • Upgraded prometheus-v2-server from version 2.48.0 to version 2.50.1.

  • RabbitMQ version has been upgraded to 3.13, and Erlang version to 26.2, the maximum supported by RabbitMQ 3.13.

  • HAProxy Prometheus metrics are now available directly from HAProxy. Consequently, the standalone Prometheus HAProxy exporter, which was archived in March 2023, is no longer supported, and the Docker image has been removed from Kolla. For further details, see here.

  • Sahara container images have been dropped.

Deprecation Notes

  • Support for building Masakari images is no longer deprecated. The Masakari CI scenarios are now working again, and commitment has been made to improve the health of the project.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing pycadf’s audit map config files LP#2047941.

  • Fixes a bug where swtpm and swtpm-tools deb packages are missing in ‘nova-compute’ and ‘nova-libvirt’ containers which keeps ‘nova-compute’ container from starting when operator enables TPM support in Nova. LP#2062572

  • Fixes the issue with command not found within letsencrypt-lego container. LP#2051111

  • Fixes a bug where the rsync RPM package was missing in the swift-base container. See bug 2062072 for details.

  • The Nova API container extended startup script has been updated to only sync the local Nova cell. This resolves an error that would occur when the Nova database password changes. More details can be found on this bug report.

  • Re-enabled ironic-inspector in bifrost for backwards compatibility. See LP#2054685 for more details.