Queens Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Adds configration option use_dumb_init, with default value of True. This can be use to avoid the of dumb-init as the container entrypoint, using kolla_start directly instead. This option can also be disabled via the kolla-build --nouse-dumb-init CLI argument.


New Features

  • The manila-api dockerfile now contains support for httpd and mod_wsgi packages for all supported platforms. It also contains the mod_ssl package for RHEL/centos and oraclelinux. Docker entrypoints can now use the httpd configuration seeded to run the manila-api service with httpd/mod_wsgi.


New Features

  • Add support for networking-ansible. Installs networking-ansible ML2 driver in the neutron base image when building from source. Binary users can use neutron_server_packages_append to include python-networking-ansible when building neutron-server image.


New Features

  • Install sensu from centos-opstools for rpm based distros instead of from upstream sensu repository.

  • RPM based container images now include the latest security fixes available at the time of build.


New Features

  • Add networking-baremetal components: The baremetal ML2 mechanism driver and the ironic-neutron-agent L2 agent.

    Networking Baremetal provides deep integration between the Networking service and the Bare Metal service. Advanced networking features like notifications of port status changes and routed networks support in clouds with Bare Metal service.

    The ML2 mechanism driver is installed in the neutron-base image when building from source. Binary users can use neutron_server_packages_append to include the python-networking-baremetal package when building neutron-server image. The ironic-neutron-agent L2 agent is in the ironic-neutron-agent image.

  • Add octavia-dashboard to horizon image.


New Features

  • Add ceph-nfs dockerfile

  • Add certmonger image.

  • Add designate-producer image

  • Add ptp service image

  • Add sensu images for sensu-server, sensu-api and sensu-client

  • Add tripleo-ui image

  • Almanach Docker images are available in Kolla

  • Kubernetes images can be now built also for aarch64 architecture.

  • A new agent for metadata API has been introduced in networking-ovn. This agent is to be deployed in compute nodes and, in order to support a containerized deployment, a new Kolla image is created.

  • Add Rsyslog image.

  • support –squash parameter which leverage docker-squash tool to squash newly built layers into a single new layer

  • Networking-sfc package is installed in tacker images to provide Service Function Chaining capabilities.

Known Issues

  • Kubernetes images got renamed - “_amd64” suffix was dropped.

Upgrade Notes

  • Kubernetes images got renamed - “_amd64” suffix was dropped so upgrade path may need special care.

  • The neutron-vpnaas-agent has been loaded just inside of the existing l3 agent rather than requiring operators to run a completely different binary with a subclass of the existing L3 agent.

  • Upgrade to ceph luminous

Deprecation Notes

  • Ceilometer API was deprecated in the Ceilometer project since Ocata release.

  • remove ceilometer-collector image, as it is removed from ceilometer code base.

  • remove heat-api-cloudwatch image, as it is removed from heat code base.

Bug Fixes

  • The syslinux package is only built for x86_64 and not for ppc64le or aarch64.