Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • The Prometheus plugin is now installed into the Fluentd container by default.

  • Add a Monasca app plugin for the Monasca fork of Grafana. Plugin provides screens for viewing or configuring: Alarm Definitions, Alarms and Notifications

  • Added new option “–(no)summary” to allow to hide after build summary.

Upgrade Notes

  • The Logstash image has been upgraded from Logstash 2 to Logstash 6.

  • Cyborg Agent no longer includes OPAE SDK. The version was outdated and currently supported platforms do not have ready-to-use binaries. This change was required to make Cyborg buildable.

  • Changes the default value of the [DEFAULT] tarballs_base configuration option from to Since the OpenDev site is namespaced, the default source image tarball locations have been updated to include the /openstack (or in a few cases /x) URL path.

  • The congress project is no longer maintained. This has been retired since Victoria and has not been used by other OpenStack services since.

  • FWaaS project has been removed in Victoria cycle and it’s no longer included in Kolla container images and deployment.

  • Glance Registry service was deprecated in the Queens release and has been removed in Victoria. Accordingly, container image glance-registry has been removed from Kolla.

  • remove mongodb image from kolla, following deprecation process.

  • The neutron-server-opendaylight image has been removed.

  • neutron-server-ovn and neutron-metadata-agent-ovn images have been removed. OVN drivers have been moved into Neutron code base in Ussuri release and networking-ovn bits are no longer required to be installed.

  • The opendaylight image, which was deprecated in the Ussuri cycle, has been removed.

  • The sensu images which were deprecated in the Ussuri cycle has been removed.

  • td-agent has been upgraded to version 4. It will be now used for both x86-64 and aarch64 architectures on all distributions Kolla is supporting. Users before upgrade should analyse changed config file syntax for their custom fluentd configuration files.

Bug Fixes

  • Makes Cyborg buildable for all platforms by removing dependency on OPAE SDK. LP#1873744

  • Fixes the FC Cinder backend usage in Nova. LP#1884484

  • Fixes Ceilometer deployment and upgrade failing due to wrong mode of argument passing applied to the ceilometer-upgrade command. LP#1884919

  • Drop systemd support from nsswitch.conf on RHEL-based distros. This avoids unneeded systemd nss lookups inside containers and it also avoids possible selinux denials when a container bind mounts /run and makes the dbus socket available inside the container only to be denied by selinux on the host.

  • Fixes an issue with loading Storm and Monasca Thresh when using Centos8 containers.

  • Fixes an issue which can block the Monasca Fluentd output plugin. LP#1889065

Other Notes

  • tripleoclient container image is removed. It is not needed nor useful.