Current Series Release Notes

New Features

  • Add masakari-dashboard to debian binary horizon image.

  • Adds the Monasca datasource plugin to the Grafana image. This allows Monasca users to visualise metrics in Grafana without using the Monasca Grafana fork.

  • Debian ‘bullseye’ is now used instead of ‘buster’. Bullseye is the next stable release of Debian, and is currently in a ‘freeze’ state. Several images gained Debian support with the move to bullseye.

  • Improve the way offline scenario are supported:
    • Switching dumb-init installation to distribution provided packages.

  • cAdvisor has been updated to 0.38.7 version.

Upgrade Notes

  • The monasca-grafana image has been dropped because it was using several deprecated components and was not buildable. Support for Monasca datasource was added into standard grafana instead.

  • Support for building containers for ppc64le architecture was dropped.

  • Changed default of network_mode to host since Kolla-Ansible bootstrap-servers is deploying Docker without a bridge by default since Wallaby

  • Support for panko has been removed due to upstream retirement.

  • The Rally project is not a service of OpenStack but its client. Its images and support are removed since Xena cycle.

Deprecation Notes

  • Support for building ppc64le container images has been deprecated in Wallaby cycle and will be removed in Xena.

  • The tempest and rally images are deprecated and will be removed in the Xena cycle. The reason is that these are not services of an OpenStack cloud but its clients.

Security Issues

  • Fixes security issue in Prometheus as per advisory.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes missing boto3 library required by glance_store. LP#1884259

  • Fixes location of monitoring_policy in Horizon, so access policy is correctly enforced. Note that by current default, admin doesn’t not have Monitoring access. LP#1928408

  • Fix support for kolla install in ~/.local. LP#1930544

  • Fixes an issue with logs going missing in the Fluentd pipeline by pinning td-agent to 4.0.*. LP#1930867

  • Fixes issues arising from the lack of Debian updates repo being enabled. LP#1931544

  • Fixes debian image build failure caused by the official Debian bullseye release changing the os identification. LP#1933770

Other Notes

  • Debian images enable the Debian updates repo now. This is aligned with the base Debian image.

  • Removes pymongo installation from images.