Rocky Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Adds openssh-clients to ironic conductor container build to enable ansible deploy interface to function properly.

  • Fix inability to run UEFI-based images/instances by installing UEFI packages also in nova-libvirt image which is not based on nova-base. LP#1814552

  • Fix kolla_toolbox_pip_virtualenv_packages customisation. LP#1865119

  • Pin fluent-plugin-elasticsearch version to 4.0.0 which is the last version that supports ruby below 2.3.


New Features

  • Adds configration option use_dumb_init, with default value of True. This can be use to avoid the of dumb-init as the container entrypoint, using kolla_start directly instead. This option can also be disabled via the kolla-build --nouse-dumb-init CLI argument.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue with keystone bootstrap where an error message emitted by the keystone-manage bootstrap command is hidden. See bug 1855701 for details.

  • Pin fluentd version to 1.8.x for rocky as fluentd has dropped support for ruby 2.3 and below at the end of 2019.

  • Fixes swift-object-expirer for Debian and Ubuntu binary images. LP#1859607


New Features

  • The manila-api dockerfile now contains support for httpd and mod_wsgi packages for all supported platforms. It also contains the mod_ssl package for RHEL/centos and oraclelinux. Docker entrypoints can now use the httpd configuration seeded to run the manila-api service with httpd/mod_wsgi.

  • Add the Monasca fork of Grafana (v4.0.1). The Monasca fork of Grafana adds Keystone integration, allowing Grafana users to log in with their OpenStack credentials and see Metrics from their OpenStack project.

  • The Monasca output plugin is now installed in the Fluentd container to enable posting logs from Fluentd to the Monasca Log API.


New Features

  • Add support for building an Apache Storm image.

  • Add blazar-dashboard to horizon image.

  • Add congress-dashboard to horizon image.

  • Add freezer-scheduler dockerfile

  • Add support for building a Logstash 5.x image.

  • Add Monasca Thresh, an Apache Storm topology for alerting in Monasca.

  • Add support for networking-ansible. Installs networking-ansible ML2 driver in the neutron base image when building from source. Binary users can use neutron_server_packages_append to include python-networking-ansible when building neutron-server image.

  • Add networking-baremetal components: The baremetal ML2 mechanism driver and the ironic-neutron-agent L2 agent.

    Networking Baremetal provides deep integration between the Networking service and the Bare Metal service. Advanced networking features like notifications of port status changes and routed networks support in clouds with Bare Metal service.

    The ML2 mechanism driver is installed in the neutron-base image when building from source. Binary users can use neutron_server_packages_append to include the python-networking-baremetal package when building neutron-server image. The ironic-neutron-agent L2 agent is in the ironic-neutron-agent image.

  • Add Infoblox IPAM agent image. The agent will listen for neutron and nova events and automatically manage DNS entries within an Infoblox appliance. The agent will be started when ‘infoblox’ is selected as the neutron_ipam_driver.

  • Add octavia-dashboard to horizon image.

  • Add radvd docker container

  • Implement Glance zero-downtime upgrade logic.

  • Install sensu from centos-opstools for rpm based distros instead of from upstream sensu repository.

  • Support Kolla Ceph to deploy bluestore OSDs in Rocky release.

  • Adds new configuration parameter [DEFAULT]network_mode that is used when building the images. By default this is unset which will default to the docker environment’s default setting. You can specify ‘host’ which would use the host’s network when building the images. For other options, see

  • Prefer the headless JRE wherever possible. This may be necessary to adjust the override files for customizing the container images where java is installed.

  • Container image for prometheus alertmanager service under the docker/prometheus/ directory.

  • Added a container image for cAdvisor, to be used with Prometheus monitoring to gather resource utilization statistics of containers.

  • Container image for the prometheus memcached exporter under the docker/prometheus/ directory.

  • RPM based container images no longer include package documentation. This results in smaller images and faster builds.

  • Copy iPXE images to TFTP root during ironic_pxe bootstrap. This allows you to chainload iPXE from a PXE environment.

  • RPM based container images now include the latest security fixes available at the time of build.

Upgrade Notes

  • Upgrade elasticsearch and kibana to 5.X

  • The neutron-vpnaas-agent has been loaded just inside of the existing l3 agent rather than requiring operators to run a completely different binary with a subclass of the existing L3 agent.

  • Ubuntu base image is upgrade from xenial to bionic.