Train Series Release Notes


Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug which caused Keystone Fernet key distribution to fail on Python 3 systems, by adapting script to work on Python 3. LP#1859047 <>

  • Fixes an issue with keystone bootstrap where an error message emitted by the keystone-manage bootstrap command is hidden. See bug 1855701 for details.

  • Converts deprecated command rally-manage db to rally db. LP#1856693

  • Fixes swift-object-expirer for Debian and Ubuntu binary images. LP#1859607



The Kolla 9.0.0 release is the first release in the Train cycle. Highlights include new images for the Masakari instance High Availability service and Qinling which provides Function as a Service. Ubuntu and Debian source images are now using Python 3.

New Features

  • Adds HAcluster images. These images contain services supporting High Availability such as Corosync, Pacemaker, Pacemaker Remote and PCS.

    HAcluster will not handle any OpenStack control plane resources, it will be used as third party for OpenStack Masakari for example to handle instance failover following a Nova compute crash.

  • Adds Qinling images. Qinling is an OpenStack project to provide “Function as a Service”. This project aims to provide a platform to support serverless functions.

  • Adds configration option use_dumb_init, with default value of True. This can be use to avoid the of dumb-init as the container entrypoint, using kolla_start directly instead. This option can also be disabled via the kolla-build --nouse-dumb-init CLI argument.

  • Adds Masakari images. Masakari provides Instances High Availability Service for OpenStack clouds by automatically recovering failed Instances.

  • Improves the skipped images feature, allowing filtering based on used image distribution, installation type and processor architecture.

Upgrade Notes

  • Moves the ENTRYPOINT statement outside of the dumb_init_installation Jinja block in the base image. Overriding this block to install dumb-init by another method no longer requires repeating the ENTRYPOINT statement. Users wishing to avoid the use of dumb-init altogether can now use the use_dumb_init configuration option.

  • The fluentd image no longer includes the kubernetes_metadata_filter plugin. It is not used by Kolla downstream projects (Kolla-Ansible, TripleO, OpenStack-Helm). It can be installed by customizing fluentd_packages.

  • The xtrabackup image has been removed because XtraBackup is no longer compatible with the versions of MariaDB shipped with Kolla images. Mariabackup should be used instead.

  • The crane image which was deprecated in the Stein cycle has been removed.

  • The nova-consoleauth image has been removed. This service has been deprecated in nova since Rocky and has not been used by other nova services since.

  • The nova-placement-api image was renamed to placement-api in the Stein release, and has now been removed.

  • Removes support for building OracleLinux container images.

  • The tripleo-ui container is no longer built as the project has been retired.

  • In Ubuntu images, MariaDB has been upgraded from 10.1 to 10.3. As usual, ensure that all data has been backed up prior to upgrading.

  • en_US.UTF-8 is set as the default locale (LANG) for images. This affects both build- and run-time. Distributions supported by Kolla default to UTF-8 locale in installs so this change should provide a more expected experience. It makes images Unicode-friendly.

Deprecation Notes

  • The Almanach images are deprecated and will be removed in the Ussuri cycle. This includes almanach-api and almanach-collector. These are not used by Kolla downstream projects.

  • The dind image is deprecated and will be removed in the Ussuri cycle. It is not used by Kolla downstream projects (Kolla-Ansible, TripleO, OpenStack-Helm). It has not seen recent usage and the upstream project seems no longer active.

  • The Dragonflow images are deprecated and will be removed in the Ussuri cycle. This includes dragonflow-controller, dragonflow-metadata, and dragonflow-publisher-service. These are not used by Kolla downstream projects.

  • Kubernetes-related images are deprecated and will be removed in the Ussuri cycle. They are not used by Kolla downstream projects (Kolla-Ansible, TripleO, OpenStack-Helm). They were used in the Kolla-Kubernetes project which was retired in the Rocky cycle. The deprecated images include: helm-repository, kube-*, kubernetes-entrypoint and kubetoolbox. The install_kubectl macro is deprecated as well and, along with it, the magnum-conductor image’s kubectl command because it is of limited usefulness being pinned to an old version. Magnum end-users use an externally-provided kubectl. Please note this deprecation does not affect Magnum nor Qinling support.

Security Issues

  • In prior versions of InfluxDB, including 1.3.x, InfluxDB incorrectly ignored tag names starting with a leading underscore. In Monasca this broke tenant isolation because queries containing where _tenant_id = ‘some_id’ where not scoped to the tenant_id. Upgrading to InfluxDB 1.7.x solves this issue.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes unavailability of an etcd3-compatible tooz coordination driver in Ubuntu binary images by installing python3-etcd3gw. See bug 1852086 for details.