Pike Series Release Notes


New Features

  • Cinder-api service has been migrated under Apache wsgi process.



Kolla project was targeting only x86-64 architecture. During the Pike cycle, kolla has been extended to support also aarch64 (64-bit ARM) and ppc64le (POWER, little-endian) architectures.

New Features

  • Images that contain services that run over httpd now ship mod_ssl as well. This is useful when deployers want to configure these services to serve TLS in the internal network instead of just relying on HAProxy for the TLS termination. Note that currently this only applies to RHEL-based images.

  • A new work-dir command-line option has been added to the client, to allow the user to specify a directory to be used as working dir, instead of the default temp directory.

  • Add ceilometer agent ipmi service image

  • Add Dragonflow Dockerfile , Dragonflow is a distributed sdn framework for neutron and it is in the big-tent.

  • add image for EC2-API service

  • Heat-all container includes the API, Engine, and a new heat-all launcher (included in the monolith package).

  • Add heat-api-cloudwatch image

  • Add mistral-event-engine image.

  • Add image for neutron-bgp-dragent container

  • Adds OpenDaylight specific Neutron Server container.

  • Adds OVN specific Neutron Server container.

  • Add novajoin image.

  • Add OpenDaylight docker template and supporting files.

  • Add openvswitch ovn support to docker containers.

  • Introduce qdrouterd (dispatch router) infrastructure component for oslo.messaging backend. The AMQP 1.0 oslo.messaging driver supports integration with this high performance AMQP 1.0 message router for RPC messaging backend.

  • Add skydive Dockerfile. With skydive, cloud operators will be able to monitor and troubleshoot networking in openstack. This container can then be used as a skydive analyzer or as a skydive agent.

  • Kolla now supports additional dockerfile directory building if they follow Kolla template standard. To add custom docker directory run kolla-build –docker-dir /path/to/custom/dockerfiles

  • Allow setting the copied files’s group via the ‘config_files’ structure of config.json, in the same fashion than the ‘permissions’ attribute does.

  • Blazar Docker images are available in Kolla

  • Added a new build argument ‘–skip-parents’, which will result in only the image(s) specified by the regex and their children to be built. Parents are expected to exist either on machine or in a registry.

  • New merge option to config_files, that copies all the files recursively inside the container without removing the existing files.

  • New preserve_properties option to config_files, that keeps all of the files and directories attributes (permissions, ownership, timestamps) when copying them in the container.

  • Debian ‘stretch’ (current stable release) is now used instead of ‘jessie’

  • Several images got enabled for Debian.

  • GPG keys for APT can be fetched from web servers as well as from keyserver

  • Add supporting script for Keystone zero-downtime upgrade.

  • Add new –skip-existing kolla-build option that skips images present in the docker cache.

  • Make containers init system configurable. This is particularly useful with docker 1.13 that comes with its own minimal init and would result in double init system with used with the –init command line argument.

  • Add neutron-sriov-agent image.

  • New CLI argument “–base-arch” allows to select which architecture is targetted by build.

  • Support install nova plugins in nova source images.

  • Install blazar-nova plugin in nova-base source image.

  • Container image for prometheus timeseries database

  • Container images for the prometheus exporters node_exporter, mysqld_exporter and haproxy_exporter

  • Add a redis-sentinel image to deploy highly available redis clusters

  • Adds possibility to have container with sensu-client service.

  • Tacker conductor image is implemented.

  • Tacker images support binary build from rpm based distros.

  • Allow to configure yum settings, and provide a default yum.conf that is overridable via the base_yum_conf jinja2 block.

Upgrade Notes

  • The operator now needs to customize the shebang as part of the minimal init install.

  • Tacker image has been splitted into tacker-server and tacker-conductor to support new conductor service.

  • For non-x86 architectures Ubuntu sources.list got defined in other file: “sources.list.ubuntu.ARCHNAME” (where ARCHNAME is “aarch64” or “ppc64le”). This way x86-64 users do not have to adapt their configurations if they have own set of repositories for Ubuntu.

Deprecation Notes

  • Following Docker’s official guide, the deprecated MAINTAINER instructions are replaced by the more flexible LABEL instructions in all dockerfiles.

  • Neutron-sfc-agent image is deprecated and marked for removal during Queens release. Networking-sfc functions are implemented in neutron-openvswitch-agent image.

Other Notes

  • HTTPd was added to the barbican-api image.

  • The Vagrant development environment was moved to the kolla-ansible repository.