This is the base element.

Almost all users will want to include this in their disk image build, as it includes a lot of useful functionality.

The DIB_CLOUD_INIT_ETC_HOSTS environment variable can be used to customize cloud-init’s management of /etc/hosts:

  • If the variable is set to something, write that value as cloud-init’s manage_etc_hosts.

  • If the variable is set to an empty string, don’t create manage_etc_hosts setting (cloud-init will use its default value).

  • If the variable is not set, use “localhost” for now. Later, not setting the variable will mean using cloud-init’s default. (To preserve diskimage-builder’s current default behavior in the future, set the variable to “localhost” explicitly.)

The ‘DIB_AVOID_PACKAGES_UPDATE’ environment variable can be used to avoid updating all packages, useful when wanting to avoid release update.

  • ‘DIB_AVOID_PACKAGES_UPDATE’ default is ‘0’, all packages will be updated.

  • set ‘DIB_AVOID_PACKAGES_UPDATE’ to ‘1’ to avoid updating all packages.


  • If you are getting warnings during the build about your locale being missing, consider installing/generating the relevant locale. This may be as simple as having language-pack-XX installed in the pre-install stage