• This element can be used when building ironic-python-agent ramdisk. It enables ironic-python-agent ramdisk to do in-band cleaning operations specific to HPE ProLiant hardware.

  • Works with ubuntu and fedora distributions (on which the ironic-python-agent-ramdisk element is supported).

  • Currently the following utilities are installed:

    • proliantutils - This module registers an ironic-python-agent hardware manager for HPE ProLiant hardware, which implements in-band cleaning steps. The latest version of proliantutils available is installed. This python module is released with Apache license.

    • HPE Smart Storage Administrator (HPE SSA) CLI for Linux 64-bit - This utility is used by proliantutils library above for doing in-band RAID configuration on HPE ProLiant hardware. Currently installed version is 2.60. Newer version of ssacli when available, may be installed to the ramdisk by using the environment variable DIB_SSACLI_URL. DIB_SSACLI_URL should contain the HTTP(S) URL for downloading the RPM package for ssacli utility. The old environmental variable DIB_HPSSACLI_URL,a HTTP(S) URL for downloading the RPM package for hpssacli utility, is deprecated. The hpssacli utility is not supported anymore, use ssacli instead for the same functionality. Availability of newer versions can be in the Revision History in the above link. This utility is closed source and is released with HPE End User License Agreement – Enterprise Version.