An framework for saving manifest information generated during the build for later inspection. Manifests are kept in the final image and also copied to the build area post-image creation.

Elements that wish to save any form of manifest should depend on this element and can save their data to into the DIB_MANIFEST_IMAGE_DIR ( which defaults to /etc/dib-manifests). Note this is created in extra-data.d rather than pre-install.d to allow the source-repositories element to make use of it

The manifests are copied to DIB_MANIFEST_SAVE_DIR, which defaults to ${IMAGE_NAME}.d/, resulting in the manifests being available as ${IMAGE_NAME}.d/dib-manifests by default after the build.

Extra status

This element will also add the files dib_environment and dib_arguments to the manifest recording the diskimage-builder specific environment (DIB_* variables) and command-line arguments respectively.