Base element for creating images from container files (aka Dockerfiles).

Usually this element will be called via a more specific distro element which provides an environment for building a full image. This element will search active elements for a container file located in containerfiles/${DIB_RELEASE}.

Alternatively, to use this element directly supply the path to a container file in the environment variable DIB_CONTAINERFILE_DOCKERFILE.

Set DIB_CONTAINERFILE_RUNTIME to docker to use Docker for building images (default is podman).

Set DIB_CONTAINERFILE_RUNTIME_ROOT to 1 to run the runtime (Docker or podman, per above) as root.

Set DIB_CONTAINERFILE_NETWORK_DRIVER to a network driver of your choice (e.g. host) to use it instead of the default bridge during build.

Set DIB_CONTAINERFILE_BUILDOPTS to pass any other options to build command, e.g. --from --build-arg=HTTP_PROXY=