Map package names to distro specific packages.

Provides the following:

  • bin/pkg-map:

    usage: pkg-map [-h] [--element ELEMENT] [--distro DISTRO]
    Translate package name to distro specific name.
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help         show this help message and exit
      --element ELEMENT  The element (namespace) to use for translation.
      --distro DISTRO    The distro name to use for translation. Defaults to
      --release RELEASE  The release to use for translation.  Defaults to
  • Any element may create its own pkg-map JSON config file using the one of 4 sections for the release/distro/family/ and or default. The family is set automatically within pkg-map based on the supplied distro name. Families include:

    • redhat: includes centos, fedora, openeuler and rhel distros

    • debian: includes debian and ubuntu distros

    • suse: includes the opensuse distro

    The release is a specification of distro; i.e. the distro and release must mach for a translation.

    The most specific section takes priority.

    An empty package list can be provided.

    Example for Nova and Glance (NOTE: using fictitious package names for Fedora and package mapping for suse family to provide a good example!)

    Example format:

      "release": {
        "fedora": {
          "23": {
            "nova_package": "foo" "bar"
      "distro": {
        "fedora": {
          "nova_package": "openstack-compute",
          "glance_package": "openstack-image"
      "family": {
        "redhat": {
          "nova_package": "openstack-nova",
          "glance_package": "openstack-glance"
        "suse": {
          "nova_package": ""
      "default": {
        "nova_package": "nova",
        "glance_package": "glance"

    Example commands using this format:

    pkg-map –element nova-compute –distro fedora nova_package

    Returns: openstack-compute

    pkg-map –element nova-compute –distro rhel nova_package

    Returns: openstack-nova

    pkg-map –element nova-compute –distro ubuntu nova_package

    Returns: nova

    pkg-map –element nova-compute –distro opensuse nova_package


  • This output can be used to filter what other tools actually install (install-packages can be modified to use this for example)

  • Individual pkg-map files live within each element. For example if you are created an Apache element your pkg-map JSON file should be created at elements/apache/pkg-map.