Map service names to distro specific services.

Provides the following:

  • bin/svc-map

    usage: svc-map [-h] SERVICE

    Translate service name to distro specific name.

    optional arguments:
    -h, --help

    show this help message and exit

  • Any element may create its own svc-map YAML config file using the one of 3 sections for the distro/family/ and or default. The family is set automatically within svc-map based on the supplied distro name. Families include:

    • redhat: includes centos, fedora, and rhel distros

    • debian: includes debian and ubuntu distros

    • suse: includes the opensuse distro

    The most specific section takes priority. Example for Nova and Glance (NOTE: default is using the common value for redhat and suse families)

    The key used for the service name should always be the same name used for the source installation of the service. The svc-map script will check for the source name against systemd and upstart and return that name if it exists instead of the mapped name.

    Example format for Nova:

      default: openstack-nova-api
      debian: nova-api
      default: openstack-nova-cert
      debian:  nova-cert
      default: openstack-nova-compute
      debian: nova-compute
      default: openstack-nova-conductor
      debian: nova-conductor
      default: openstack-nova-console
      debian: nova-console

    Example format for Glance:

      debian: glance-api
      default: openstack-glance-api

    If the distro is of the debian family the combined services file would be:

    nova-cert: nova-cert
    nova-compute: nova-compute
    glance-api: glance-api
    nova-conductor: nova-conductor
    nova-api: nova-api
    glance-reg: glance-reg
    nova-consoleauth: nova-console

    If the distro is of the suse or redhat families the combined services file would be:

    nova-cert: openstack-nova-cert
    nova-compute: openstack-nova-compute
    glance-reg: openstack-glance-registry
    nova-conductor: openstack-nova-conductor
    glance-api: openstack-glance-api
    nova-consoleauth: openstack-nova-console
    nova-api: openstack-nova-api

    Example commands using this format:

    svc-map nova-compute
    Returns: openstack-nova-compute
    svc-map nova-compute
    Returns: openstack-nova-compute
    svc-map nova-compute
    Returns: nova-compute
  • This output can be used to filter what other tools actually install (install-services can be modified to use this for example)

  • If you pass more than one service argument, the result for each service is printed on its own line.

  • Individual svc-map files live within each element. For example if you have created an Apache element your svc-map YAML file should be created at elements/apache/svc-map.