Use Ubuntu cloud images as the baseline for built disk images.


  • To use a non-default URL for downloading base Ubuntu cloud images, use the environment variable DIB_CLOUD_IMAGES

  • To download a non-default release of Ubuntu cloud images, use the environment variable DIB_RELEASE. This element will export the DIB_RELEASE variable.

  • Use DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR to override the sources.list with an alternative mirror

  • Setting DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR_UBUNTU_IGNORE to an extended-regexp (i.e. the argument to the =~ bash comparitor) which, when matched, will not set that line to the DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR. For example, if your local mirror does not mirror the universe and multiverse components, set this to (universe|multiverse)

  • Setting DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR_UBUNTU_INSECURE updates apt settings to allow insecure/unuthenticated repositories.

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