Use Ubuntu cloud images as the baseline for built disk images.


  • To use a non-default URL for downloading base Ubuntu cloud images, use the environment variable DIB_CLOUD_IMAGES

  • To download a non-default release of Ubuntu cloud images, use the environment variable DIB_RELEASE. This element will export the DIB_RELEASE variable.

  • Use DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR to override the sources.list with an alternative mirror

  • Setting DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR_UBUNTU_IGNORE to an extended-regexp (i.e. the argument to the =~ bash comparitor) which, when matched, will not set that line to the DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR. For example, if your local mirror does not mirror the universe and multiverse components, set this to (universe|multiverse)

  • Setting DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR_UBUNTU_INSECURE updates apt settings to allow insecure/unuthenticated repositories.

  • Setting DIB_OFFLINE will prevent to download again the source image if is already present in to $DIB_IMAGE_CACHE path.

  • Setting DIB_LOCAL_IMAGE to use a image from a local source (full path and file name) and not download image from internet. Local source for release Trusty have to be tar.gz format. For other more recent release get the squashfs image.

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