Base element for creating minimal yum-based images.

This element is incomplete by itself, you’ll want to use the centos-minimal or fedora-minimal elements to get an actual base image.

Use of this element will require ‘yum’ and ‘yum-utils’ to be installed on Ubuntu and Debian. Nothing additional is needed on Fedora or CentOS.

If you wish to have DHCP networking setup for eth0 & eth1 via /etc/sysconfig/network-config scripts/ifcfg-eth[0|1], set the environment variable DIB_YUM_MINIMAL_CREATE_INTERFACES to 1.

If you wish to build from specific mirrors, set DIB_YUM_MINIMAL_BOOTSTRAP_REPOS to a directory with the .repo files to use during bootstrap and build. The repo files should be named with a prefix dib-mirror- and will be removed from the final image.

If you wish to include extra repositories, set DIB_YUM_MINIMAL_EXTRA_REPOS to a directory with the .repo files. The repo files will not be removed from the final image.

If you are bootstrapping a custom or unsupported OS, and need to install additional packages to setup the base chroot, set DIB_YUM_MINIMAL_BOOTSTRAP_PACKAGES to the list of additional packages to install.