The debian-minimal element uses debootstrap for generating a minimal image.

By default this element creates the latest stable release. The exact setting can be found in the element’s environment.d directory in the variable DIB_RELEASE. If a different release of Debian should be created, the variable DIB_RELEASE can be set appropriately.

Note that this element installs systemd-sysv as the init system

The element obeys the DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR argument for mirroring (see debootsrap element documentation). However, the security repositories are separate for Debian, so we can not assume they exist at DIB_DISTRIBUTION_MIRROR. If you do not wish to use the upstream repository (from override it with DIB_DEBIAN_SECURITY_MIRROR. The security suite name’s subpath can also be overridden to something other than /updates with the DIB_DEBIAN_SECURITY_SUBPATH variable.

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