Adds a symlink to /usr/local/bin/dib-python which points at either a python2 or python3 executable as appropriate.

In-chroot scripts should use this as their interpreter (#!/usr/local/bin/dib-python) to make scripts that are compatible with both python2 and python3. We can not assume /usr/bin/python exists, as some platforms have started shipping with only Python 3.

DIB_PYTHON will be exported as the python interpreter. You should use this instead of python script.py (e.g. ${DIB_PYTHON} script.py). Note you can also call /usr/local/bin/dib-python script.py but in some circumstances, such as creating a virtualenv, it can create somewhat confusing references to dib-python that remain in the built image.

This does not install a python if one does not exist, and instead fails.

This also exports a variable DIB_PYTHON_VERSION which will either be ‘2’ or ‘3’ depending on the python version which dib-python points to.


The dib-python interpreter will be removed in cleanup.d. It is only intended for build scripts.

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