Note as at February 2022, this element is no longer tested or used by OpenDev. Changes to the RPM format used by recent Fedora releases have meant that this element can not build on Ubuntu hosts, which lack a packaged RPM sufficient to extract the base chroot environment. The fedora-containerfile element can be used instead of this element.

Create a minimal image based on Fedora.

Use of this element will require ‘yum’ and ‘yum-utils’ to be installed on Ubuntu and Debian. Nothing additional is needed on Fedora or CentOS. The element will need python-lzma everywhere.

Due to a bug in the released version of urlgrabber, on many systems an installation of urlgrabber from git is required. The git repository can be found here: http://yum.baseurl.org/gitweb?p=urlgrabber.git;a=summary

This element sets the DISTRO_NAME var to ‘fedora’. The release of fedora to be installed can be controlled through the DIB_RELEASE variable, which defaults the latest supported release.