v14.0.0 Release Notes

14.0.0 Release Notes



This release is marking the end of Liberty release support in Tempest

New Features

  • The cred_provider abstract class which serves as the basis for both of tempest’s cred providers, pre-provisioned credentials and dynamic credentials, is now a library interface. This provides the common signature required for building a credential provider.

  • The cred_client module was added to tempest.lib. This module provides a wrapper to the keystone services client which provides a uniform interface that abstracts out the differences between keystone api versions.

  • Define the identity service role_assignments_client as a library. Add role_assignments_client to the library interface so the other projects can use this module as a stable library without any maintenance changes.

  • A Neutron Service Providers client is added to deal with resources of the ‘/service-providers’ route.

  • A new optional parameter port for ssh client (tempest.lib.common.ssh.Client) to specify destination port for a host. The default value is 22.

  • Define the Volume v3 service clients as library interfaces, allowing other projects to use these modules as stable libraries without maintenance changes.

    • messages_client(v3)

  • The volume_limits client was added to tempest.lib.

  • Define volume service clients as libraries. The following volume service clients are defined as library interface, so the other projects can use these modules as stable libraries without any maintenance changes.

    • volumes_client(v1)

    • volumes_client(v2)

    • capabilities_client(v2)

    • scheduler_stats_client(v2)

Upgrade Notes

  • Add an error translation to list_versions() of versions_client of both compute and network. This can affect users who are expecting that these clients return error status code instead of the exception. It is needed to change the code for handling the exception like the other clients code.

  • The Stress tests framework and all the stress tests have been removed.

  • All tests for the Ironic project have been removed from Tempest. Those exist as a Tempest plugin in the Ironic project.

  • The Negative Tests Generator has been removed (it was not used by any Tempest tests).

  • All tests for the Sahara project have been removed from Tempest. They now live as a Tempest plugin in the openstack/sahara-tests repository.

Deprecation Notes

  • The api_extensions config option in the compute-feature-enabled group is now deprecated. This option will be removed from tempest when all the OpenStack releases supported by tempest no longer support the API extensions mechanism. This was removed from Nova during the Newton cycle, so this will be removed at the Mitaka EOL.

  • The bootable config option in the volume_feature_enabled group is removed because the corresponding feature os-set_bootable has been implemented 2.5 years ago and all OpenStack versions which are supported by Tempest should support the feature.

Other Notes

  • OpenStack releases supported at this time are Mitaka and Newton.

    The release under current development as of this tag is Ocata, meaning that every Tempest commit is also tested against master during the Ocata cycle. However, this does not necessarily mean that using Tempest as of this tag will work against a Ocata (or future releases) cloud.