v21.0.0 Release Notes

21.0.0 Release Notes



This is an intermediate release during the Train development cycle to mark the end of support for Pike in Tempest. After this release, Tempest will support below OpenStack Releases:

  • Stein

  • Rocky

  • Queens

Current development of Tempest is for OpenStack Train development cycle.

New Features

  • Add qos-policies and qos-minimum-bandwidth-rule clients to Tempest to make possible the testing of the placement based bandwidth allocation feature. The following API calls are available for tempest from now:

    QoS policies client:

    • GET /qos/policies

    • POST /qos/policies

    • GET /qos/policies/{policy_id}

    • PUT /qos/policies/{policy_id}

    • DELETE /qos/policies/{policy_id}

    QoS minimum bandwidth rules client:

    • GET qos/policies/{policy_id}/minimum_bandwidth_rules

    • POST /qos/policies/{policy_id}/minimum_bandwidth_rules

    • GET qos/policies/{policy_id}/minimum_bandwidth_rules/{rule_id}

    • PUT qos/policies/{policy_id}/minimum_bandwidth_rules/{rule_id}

    • DELETE /qos/policies/{policy_id}/minimum_bandwidth_rules/{rule_id}

  • Add list host API support to the volume v3 client library. This feature enables callers to list all hosts for a given project.

  • Add migrate volume API support to the volume v3 client library. This features allows callers to migrate volumes between backends.

  • Add show default group type details API to v3 group_types_client library.

    • show_default_group_type

  • New decorator unstable_test is added to tempest.lib.decorators. It can be used to mark some test as unstable thus it will be still run by tempest but job will not fail if this test will fail. Such test will be skipped in case of failure. It can be used for example when there is known bug related which cause irregular tests failures. Marking such test as unstable will help other developers to get their job done and still run this test to get additional debug data or to confirm if some potential fix really solved the issue.

  • A new parameter, compute/compute_volume_common_az is introduced to specify availability zone where tempest creates instances and volumes for scenario tests, to allow us to run scenario tests in the deployment which has multiple availability zones and cinder/cross_az_attach in nova.conf is set to False.

  • New library interface to set the API microversion on Service Clients. APIMicroversionFixture, can be used to set the API microversion on multiple services. This Fixture will take care of reseting the service microversion to None once test is finished.

  • Add microversion support for scenario tests. Scenario test calls multiple service API within same test and many services like compute, volume and placement etc support API microversion. With microversion support in scenario test, we can call different service API with different microvesion. Which means we can implement scenario tests for microversion also. Currently Scenario manager support below services microversion:

    • Compute

    • Volume

    • Placement

Upgrade Notes

  • Remove deprecated config option endpoint_type from identity group. Use v2_public_endpoint_type from identity group instead. Remove deprecated config option tenant_isolation_domain_name from auth group. Use default_credentials_domain_name from auth group instead.

  • Remove deprecated config option admin_username from identity groups. Use admin_username from auth instead. Remove deprecated config option admin_tenant_name from auth and identity groups. Use admin_project_name from auth instead. Remove deprecated config option admin_password from identity groups. Use admin_password from auth instead. Remove deprecated config option admin_domain_name from identity groups. Use admin_domain_name from auth instead.

Deprecation Notes

  • The config option CONF.network.dns_servers is no longer used anywhere, so it is deprecated and will be removed in the future.

Other Notes

  • New configuration options [compute]/certified_image_ref and [compute]/certified_image_trusted_certs have been introduced. These are required in order to run the ServerShowV263Test test and allow a signed image with the required img_signature_* properties set along with a list of trusted certificates to be used during the test.