v17.0.0 Release Notes

17.0.0 Release Notes



This release marks the start of support for the Pike release in Tempest.

New Features

  • Add create_group_from_source to groups_client in the volume service library.

  • Implement the rest_client method is_resource_deleted in the network security group client.

  • The list_backups method of the v2 BackupsClient class now has an additional **params argument that enables passing additional information in the query string of the HTTP request.

  • Add show volume image metadata API to v2 volumes_client library. This feature enables the possibility to show volume’s image metadata.

  • Add update_group to groups_client in the volume service library.

  • Add group_snapshots client for the volume service as library. Add tempest tests for create group snapshot, delete group snapshot, show group snapshot, and list group snapshots volume APIs.

  • Add list_group_type and show_group_type in the group_types client for the volume service. Add tests for create/delete/show/list group types.

  • The credentials_factory.py module is now marked as stable for Tempest plugins. It provides helpers that can be used by Tempest plugins to obtain test credentials for their test cases in a format that honors the Tempest configuration in use. Credentials may be provisioned on the fly during the test run, or they can be setup in advance and fed to test via a YAML file; they can be setup for identity v2 or identity v3.

  • Add the disable_log_reason and the update_forced_down API endpoints to the compute services_client. Add ‘2.11’ compute validation schema for compute services API.

  • Enhances the v3 identity client with the check_token_existence endpoint, allowing users to check the existence of tokens

  • The tempest module tempest.common.dynamic creds which is used for dynamically allocating credentials has been migrated into tempest lib.

  • Define below object storage service clients as libraries. Add new service clients to the library interface so the other projects can use these modules as stable libraries without any maintenance changes.

    • bulk_middleware_client

    • capabilities_client

  • The tempest module tempest.common.preprov_creds which is used to provide credentials from a list of preprovisioned resources has been migrated into tempest lib at tempest.lib.common.preprov_creds.

  • The InvalidTestResource exception class from tempest.exceptions has been migrated into tempest.lib.exceptions

  • The tempest module tempest.common.fixed_network which provided utilities for finding fixed networks by and helpers for picking the network to use when multiple tenant networks are available has been migrated into tempest lib at tempest.lib.common.fixed_network.

  • When registering service clients from installed plugins, all registrations are now processed, even if one or more fails. All exceptions encountered during the registration process are recorded. If at least one exception was encountered, the registration process fails and all interim errors are reported.

  • The __repr__ method is now implemented for the base tempest.Exception class, its implementation is identical to __str__: it reports the error message merged with input parameters.

  • Add a new identity catalog client. At this point, the new client contains a single functionality, “show_catalog”, which returns a catalog object.

Upgrade Notes

  • Tempest checks a volume delete by waiting for NotFound(404) on show_volume(). Sometime a volume delete fails and the volume status becomes error_deleting which means the delete is failed. So Tempest doesn’t need to wait anymore. A new release of Tempest raises an exception DeleteErrorException instead of waiting.

Deprecation Notes

  • Remove the support of python3.4, because in Ubuntu Xenial only python3.5 is available (python3.4 is restricted to <= Mitaka).

Bug Fixes

  • Add more accurate ip version check in addresses schema which will limit the ip version value in [4, 6].

  • Add a missing return statement to the retype_volume API in the v2 volumes_client library: Bug#1703997

    This changes the response body from None to an empty dictionary.

  • Fix RemoteClient default ssh_shell_prologue: Bug#1707478

    The default ssh_shell_proloque has been modified from specifying erroneous PATH=$$PATH:/sbin to PATH=$PATH:/sbin.

Other Notes

  • OpenStack Releases supported after this release are Pike, Ocata, and Newton. The release under current development of this tag is Queens, meaning that every Tempest commit is also tested against master during the Queens cycle. However, this does not necessarily mean that using Tempest as of this tag will work against a Queens (or future release) cloud.