v26.0.0 Release Notes

26.0.0 Release Notes



This is an intermediate release during the Wallaby development cycle to mark the end of support for EM Stein release in Tempest. After this release, Tempest will support below OpenStack Releases:

  • Victoria

  • Ussuri

  • Train

Current development of Tempest is for OpenStack Wallaby development cycle.

New Features

  • Add a new config option can_migrate_between_any_hosts in the compute-feature-enabled section, which can be set to False for environment with non homogeneous compute nodes, so that it can select a destination host for migrating automatically, otherwise the testcase may fail unexpectedly. e.g., if source host is with CPU “E5-2699 v4” and the selected target host is with CPU “E5-2670 v3”, the live-migration will fail because of the downgrade issue.

  • Add a new config option [compute-feature-enabled] shelve_migrate which enable test for environment that support cold migration of qcow2 unshelved instance.

  • A new config option in the validation section, image_alt_ssh_user, to specify the user name used to authenticate to an alternative instance (instance using image_ref_alt) in tests. By default this is set to root.

  • A new config option in the validation section, image_alt_ssh_password, to specify the password used to authenticate to an alternative instance (instance using image_ref_alt) in tests. By default this is set to password.

  • Added missing client methods for keystone’s OS-ENDPOINT-POLICY and OS-EP-FILTER APIs.

  • Added missing clients and tests for keystone’s v3 EC2 API which already existed for keystone v2.

  • Add show type API to v3 types_client library.

    • default_volume_type

  • Added associate_floating_ip() and dissociate_floating_ip() methods to the scenario manager.

  • Add glance image import APIs function to v2 images_client library.

    • stage_image_file

    • info_import

    • info_stores

    • image_import

  • New config option to network-feature-enabled: available_features. This is a list which can contain features that are not discoverable through Neutron API, or it can be the special entry all.

  • Add placement API methods for testing Routed Provider Networks feature. The following API calls are available for tempest from now in the new resource_providers_client:

    • GET /resource_providers

    • GET /resource_providers/{uuid}

    • GET /resource_providers/{uuid}/inventories

    • GET /resource_providers/{uuid}/aggregates

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated image scenario options are removed after a ~4 year deprecation period.

    • ami_img_file

    • ari_img_file

    • aki_img_file

    Starting Tempest 25.0.0 release, CONF.scenario.img_file need a full path for the image. CONF.scenario.img_dir was deprecated and will be removed in the next release. Till Tempest 25.0.0, old behavior is maintained and keep working but starting Tempest 26.0.0, you need to specify the full path in CONF.scenario.img_file config option.

  • The test_reboot_server_soft has been skipped for more than 6 years. Take into account that the minimum scenario test uses soft reboot and the nova functional test also covers reboot.

  • Member role has been deprecated and replaced by member. Therefore the default value of config option [object-storage].operator_role is changed to member. (Fixes bug #1330132)

  • Remove the deprecated CLI tempest-account-generator in favor of tempest account-generator command. You can use tempest account-generator CLI to generate the accounts yaml file.

  • A number of Compute APIs that only worked with the XenAPI virt driver have been removed in the Compute service. As a result, their corresponding tests are now disabled by default. They can be re-enabled using the new [compute_feature_enabled] xenapi_apis config option.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug #1890060. tempest subunit_describe_calls –verbose not working with Cliff CLI. The subunit_describe_calls –verbose argument was a boolean and worked in the non Cliff CLI which is now deprecated, but does not work with cliff since –verbase is a standard cliff argument which is an int. Since the tool is in lib directory we cannot change the interface, so we add a new argument -a –all-stdout that will allow cliff CLI to support the feature in subunnit_describe_calls to print request and response headers and bodies to stdout.

  • is_resource_deleted method of v3 volumes_client might have returned a KeyError exception due to an incorrect accessing of a volume id in the case the volume was in error_deleting state. incorrect code - volume[‘id’] correct code - volume[‘volume’][‘id’] More details about the issue can be found at https://bugs.launchpad.net/tempest/+bug/1887980

  • Concurrency parameter for account-generator command was accepting negative values and zero. The concurrency parameter now accepts only positive numbers. When a negative value or zero is passed to the program then the program ends and help is displayed.

Other Notes

  • New configuration options CONF.glance.image_feature_enabled.image_import has been introduced to enable the image import tests. If your glance deployement support image import functionality then you can enable the image import tests via this flag. Default value of this new config option is false.