v36.0.0 Release Notes

36.0.0 Release Notes



Glance v1 APIs were removed in Rocky release and last supported release for v1 was Queens. Tempest master does not support the Rocky or Queens release so we removed the Glance v1 tests, config option, and its service clients. If you would like to test the v1 APIs then you can use the old Tempest version.

Tempest remove the nova-network tests and service clients. The nova-network was removed from Rocky release and current Tempest master does not support the Rocky release. Below are the service clients have been removed: * floating_ip_pools_client * floating_ips_bulk_client * fixed_ips_client * list_virtual_interfaces

This release is to tag Tempest for OpenStack 2023.2 release. This release marks the start of 2023.2 release support in Tempest. After this release, Tempest will support below OpenStack Releases:

  • 2023.2

  • 2023.1

  • Zed

  • Yoga

Current development of Tempest is for OpenStack 2024.1 development cycle. Every Tempest commit is also tested against master during the 2024.1 cycle. However, this does not necessarily mean that using Tempest as of this tag will work against a 2024.1 (or future release) cloud. To be on safe side, use this tag to test the OpenStack 2023.2 release.

New Features

  • The following tasks_client tempest client for glance v2 image task API is implemented in this release.

  • Adding a new config option [identity]/user_minimum_password_age which allows to specify the number of days that a password must be used before the user can change it. For this option to take effect, identity-feature-enabled.security_compliance must be set to True.