v19.0.0 Release Notes

19.0.0 Release Notes



This release is to tag the Tempest for OpenStack Rocky release. After this release, Tempest will support below OpenStack Releases:

  • Rocky

  • Queens

  • Pike

  • Ocata

Current development of Tempest is for OpenStack Stein development cycle. Every Tempest commit is also tested against master during the Stein cycle. However, this does not necessarily mean that using Tempest as of this tag will work against a Stein (or future release) cloud. To be on safe side, use this tag to test the OpenStack Rocky release.

New Features

  • Add v3-ext/OS-ENDPOINT-POLICY API calls to support creation, deletion and retrieval of associations between service endpoints and policies. Such associations enable an endpoint to request its policy.

  • Add enable_service, disable_service , disable_log_reason, freeze_host and thaw_host API endpoints to volume v3 services_client.

  • Add a new parameter called bug_type to tempest.lib.decorators.related_bug and tempest.lib.decorators.skip_because decorators, which accepts 2 values:

    • launchpad

    • storyboard

    This offers the possibility of tracking bugs related to tests using launchpad or storyboard references. The default value is launchpad for backward compatibility.

    Passing in a non-digit bug value to either decorator will raise a InvalidParam exception (previously ValueError).

  • Add update flavor API to compute flavors_client library.

  • [blueprint application-credentials] Tempest can test keystone’s application credentials interface. A new client library is added for application credentials, and a new config option, [identity-feature-enabled]/application_credentials, can control whether the application credentials feature is tested (defaults to False, indicating the feature is not enabled in the cloud under test).

  • Add project_tags_client to the identity v3 library. This feature enables the possibility of invoking the following API actions:

    • update_project_tag

    • list_project_tags

    • update_all_project_tags

    • check_project_tag_existence

    • delete_project_tag

    • delete_all_project_tags

  • The update_service API is added to the services_client compute library. This API is introduced in microversion 2.53 and supersedes the following APIs:

    • PUT /os-services/disable (disable_service)

    • PUT /os-services/disable-log-reason (disable_log_reason)

    • PUT /os-services/enable (enable_service)

    • PUT /os-services/force-down (update_forced_down)

  • New string configuration option vnc_server_header is added to compute-feature-enabled section. It allows the expected VNC server name in the response header to be specified. For example, obvious at hand names are ‘WebSockify’, ‘nginx’.

  • Adds volume service clients for v3 APIs. As v3 base API should be identical to v2 APIs, we just copy all existing v2 service client for v3 API.

Upgrade Notes

  • Cinder CLI calls have now been updated to use the --os-endpoint-type option instead of --endpoint-type. The latter had been deprecated in Cinder and has been removed in the Rocky release.

  • Remove deprecated config option allow_tenant_isolation from auth and compute groups. Use use_dynamic_credentials directly instead of the removed option.

  • The volume config option catalog_type default is changed to volumev3 which is v3 API endpoint configured in devstack. With this change Tempest will be testing v3 API as default. User who want to test v2 API can still test by configuring the catalog_type to v2 endpoint.

Deprecation Notes

  • The v2 volume API has been deprecated since Pike release. Volume v3 API is current and Tempest volume tests can be run against v2 or v3 API based on config option CONF.volume.catalog_type. If catalog_type is volumev2, then all the volume tests will run against v2 API. If catalog_type is volumev3 which is default in Tempest, then all the volume tests will run against v3 API. That makes below config options unusable in Tempest which used to select the target volume API for volume tests.

    • CONF.volume-feature-enabled.api_v2

    • CONF.volume-feature-enabled.api_v3

    Tempest deprecate the above two config options in Rocky release and will be removed in future. Alternatively CONF.volume.catalog_type can be used to run the Tempest against volume v2 or v3 API.

  • Deprecates the volume service clients for v2 APIs. Volume v2 APIs are deprecated in all supported stable branches, so it’s time to deprecate the tempest service clients for v2 APIs and remove in future release.

Security Issues

  • The x-subject-token of a response header is ommitted from log, but clients specify the same token on a request header on Keystone API and that was not omitted. In this release, that has been omitted for a security reason.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix show_image_file interface in v2 ImagesClient: Bug#1756264. The expected success code of show_image_file is changed from 200 to [200, 204, 206].

  • Fix VNC server response header issue when it is behind reverse proxy