v17.2.0 Release Notes

17.2.0 Release Notes


New Features

  • Add support of args and kwargs when calling func in call_until_true, also to log the cost time when call_until_true returns True or False for debugging.

  • Add list_auth_domains API endpoint to the identity v3 client. This allows the possibility of listing all domains a user has access to via role assignments.

Upgrade Notes

  • Replace any call in your code to credentials_factory.DEFAULT_PARAMS with a call to config.service_client_config().

  • Remove deprecated APIs (show_pools and show_backend_capabilities) from volume v2 volumes_client, and the deprecated APIs are re-realized in volume v2 scheduler_stats_client (list_pools) and capabilities_client (show_backend_capabilities) accordingly.

Bug Fixes

  • The credentials_factory module used to load configuration at import time which caused configuration being loaded at test discovery time. This was fixed by removing the DEFAULT_PARAMS variable. This variable was redundant (and outdated), the same dictionary (but up to date) can be obtained via invoking config.service_client_config() with no service parameter.