v39.0.0 Release Notes

39.0.0 Release Notes



This is an intermediate release during the 2024.2 development cycle to mark the end of support for Zed release in Tempest. After this release, Tempest will support below OpenStack Releases: * 2024.1 * 2023.2 * 2023.1 Current development of Tempest is for OpenStack 2024.2 development cycle.

New Features

  • We add a new argument, --prefix, to tempest cleanup tool that will allow users delete only resources that match the prefix. When this option is used, saved_state.json file is not needed (no need to run with --init-saved-state first). If there is one, it will be ignored and the cleanup will be done based on the given prefix only. Note, that some resources are not named thus they will not be deleted when filtering based on the prefix.

  • A new config option in the volume_feature_enabled section, volume_types_for_data_volume, is added to allow the user to specify which volume types can be used for data volumes in a new test test_instances_with_cinder_volumes_on_all_compute_nodes. By default, this option is set to None.

  • A new interface --resource-list has been introduced in the tempest cleanup command to remove the resources created by Tempest. A new config option in the default section, record_resources, is added to allow the recording of all resources created by Tempest. A list of these resources will be saved in resource_list.json file, which will be appended in case of multiple Tempest runs. This file is intended to be used with the tempest cleanup command if it is used with the newly added option --resource-list.

Upgrade Notes

  • The following deprecated alias methods of the ContainerClient class has been removed.

    • update_container_metadata, replaced by create_update_or_delete_container_metadata

    • list_container_contents, replaced by list_container_objects

  • The following decorators are no longer available in the tempest.test module. Use the tempest.common.utils module instead.

    • services

    • requires_ext

    • is_extension_enabled

  • Default value of the [image-feature-enabled] image_import has been changed from False to True, and now the image import feature is tested by default.

  • Default value of the [image-feature-enabled] os_glance_reserved has been changed from False to True and now the reservation of os_glance namespace is tested by default.

  • The deprecated [compute-feature-enabled] xenapi_apis option has been removed.

Deprecation Notes

  • The [image-feature-enabled] image_import option has been deprecated. The image import feature works in both standalone mode and WSGI mode since Victoria and the image import feature can be always tested.

  • The [image-feature-enabled] os_glance_reserved option has been deprecatd because glance reserves the os_glance namespace since Wallaby.