v17.1.0 Release Notes

17.1.0 Release Notes



This is an intermediate release during the Queens development cycle to make new functionality available to plugins and other consumers.

New Features

  • Adds a new cli option to tempest run, --load-list <list-file> to specify target tests to run from a list-file. The list-file supports the output format of the tempest run --list-tests command.

  • Add reset group snapshot status API to v3 group_snapshots_client library, min_microversion of this API is 3.19. This feature enables the possibility to reset group snapshot status.

  • Add reset group status API to v3 groups_client library, min_microversion of this API is 3.20. This feature enables the possibility to reset group status.

  • Add the validation_resources module to tempest.lib. The module provides a set of helpers that can be used to provision and cleanup all the resources required to perform ping / ssh tests against a virtual machine: a keypair, a security group with targeted rules and a floating IP.

  • Add the proxy_url optional parameter to the get_credentials method in tempest/lib/auth.py so that that helper can be used when going through and HTTP proxy.

  • Add a new function called compare_version_header_to_response to tempest.lib.common.api_version_utils, which compares the API microversion in the response header to another microversion using the comparators defined in tempest.lib.common.api_version_request.APIVersionRequest.

    It is now possible to determine how to retrieve an attribute from a response body of an API call, depending on the returned microversion.

    Add a new exception type called InvalidParam to tempest.lib.exceptions, allowing the possibility of raising an exception if an invalid parameter is passed to a library function.

  • Adds a new config options, proxy_url. This options is used to configure running tempest through a proxy server.

  • The RestClient class in tempest.lib.rest_client has a new kwarg parameters, proxy_url, that is used to set a proxy server.

  • A new class was added to tempest.lib.http, ClosingProxyHttp. This behaves identically to ClosingHttp except that it requires a proxy url and will establish a connection through a proxy

  • A new boolean config option domain_specific_drivers is added to the section identity-feature-enabled. This option must be enabled when testing an environment that is configured to use domain-specific identity drivers.

  • Define below object storage service clients as libraries. Add new service clients to the library interface so the other projects can use these modules as stable libraries without any maintenance changes.

    • account_client

    • container_client

    • object_client

  • Two extra modules are now marked as stable for plugins, test.py and clients.py. The former includes the test base class with its automatic credentials provisioning and test resource managing fixtures. The latter is built on top of ServiceClients and it adds aliases and a few custom configurations to it.

Upgrade Notes

  • As of the Queens release, tempest no longer tests the identity v2.0 API because the majority of the v2.0 API have been removed from the identity project. Once the Queens release reaches end-of-life, we can remove the v2.0 tempest tests and clean up v2.0 testing cruft.

  • Remove deprecated APIs from volume v2 volumes_client, and the deprecated APIs are re-realized in volume v2 transfers_client.

    • create_volume_transfer

    • show_volume_transfer

    • list_volume_transfers

    • delete_volume_transfer

    • accept_volume_transfer

  • Remove two deprecated skip decorators in config module: skip_unless_config and skip_if_config.

  • Remove deprecated get_ipv6_addr_by_EUI64 method from data_utils. Use the same method from oslo_utils.netutils.

Bug Fixes

  • Allow to specify new domain parameters:

    • user_domain_name

    • user_domain_id

    • project_domain_name

    • project_domain_id

    for CLIClient class, whose values will be substituted to --os-user-domain-name, --os-user-domain-id, --os-project-domain-name and --os-project-domain-id respectively during command execution.

    This allows to prevent possible test failures with authentication in Keystone v3. Bug: #1719687

  • Fix list_group_snapshots API in v3 group_snapshots_client: Bug#1715786. The url path for list group snapshots with details API is changed from ?detail=True to /detail.