v34.0.0 Release Notes

34.0.0 Release Notes



Adding placement service for config options enforce_scope so that we can switch the scope and new defaults enforcement for placement service.

This release is to tag Tempest for OpenStack 2023.1 release. This release marks the start of 2023.1 release support in Tempest. After this release, Tempest will support below OpenStack Releases:

  • 2023.1

  • Zed

  • Yoga

  • Xena

Current development of Tempest is for OpenStack 2023.2 development cycle. Every Tempest commit is also tested against master during the 2023.2 cycle. However, this does not necessarily mean that using Tempest as of this tag will work against a 2023.2 (or future release) cloud. To be on safe side, use this tag to test the OpenStack 2023.1 release.

New Features

  • Adds a ssh_allow_agent parameter to the RemoteClient class wrapper and the direct ssh Client class to allow a caller to explicitly request that the SSH Agent is not consulted for authentication. This is useful if your attempting explicit password based authentication as paramiko, the underlying library used for SSH, defaults to utilizing an ssh-agent process before attempting password authentication.

Bug Fixes

  • There was a bug (bug#1964509) in dynamic credentials creation where project credentials with different roles are created with the new projects. Credential of different role of projects must be created within the same project. For exmaple, ‘project_admin’, ‘project_member’, ‘project_reader’, and ‘primary’, credentials will be created in the same projects. ‘alt’, ‘project_alt_admin’, ‘project_alt_member’, ‘project_alt_reader’ will be created within the same project.

    ‘admin’ credenatials is considered and kept as legacy admin and will be created under new project. If any test want to test with admin role in projectA and non-admin/admin in projectB then test can request projectA admin using ‘admin’ or ‘project_alt_admin’ and non-admin in projectB using ‘primary’, ‘project_member’, or ‘project_reader’/admin in projectB using ‘project_admin’. Many existing tests using the ‘admin’ with new project to assert on the resource list so we are keeping ‘admin’ a kind of legacy admin.