v18.0.0 Release Notes

18.0.0 Release Notes



This release marks the start of Queens release support in Tempest. This release also marks the end of support for Newton in Tempest.

New Features

  • Add group type specs APIs to v3 group_types_client library.

    • create_or_update_group_type_specs

    • list_group_type_specs

    • show_group_type_specs_item

    • update_group_type_specs_item

    • delete_group_type_specs_item

  • A new config option ‘port_profile’ is added to the section ‘network’ to specify capabilities of the port. By default this is set to {}. When using OVS HW offload feature we need to create Neutron port with a certain capability. This is done by creating Neutron port with binding profile. To be able to test this we need profile capability support in Tempest as well.

  • Add show default quotas API to network quotas_client library. This feature enables the possibility to show default network quotas for a specified project.

  • Add show encryption specs item API to v2 encryption_types_client library. This feature enables the possibility to show specific encryption specs for a volume type.

  • Add extension API show quota details to network quotas_client library. This feature enables the possibility to show a quota set for a specified project that includes the quota’s used, limit and reserved counts per resource.

  • Add update group types API to v3 group_types_client library; min_microversion of this API is 3.11.

  • A function has been added to the common library to allow mounting and unmounting of the config drive consistently.

  • The Tempest CLI commands have switched from calling testrepository internally to use stestr instead. This means that all of the features and bug fixes from moving to stestr are available to the tempest commands.

  • Adds a new CLI arg in tempest run, --black-regex, which is a regex to exclude the tests that match it.

  • A new boolean configuration option [compute-feature-enabled]/volume_backed_live_migration has been added. If enabled, tests which validate the behavior of Nova’s volume-backed live migration feature will be executed. The option defaults to False.

Upgrade Notes

  • Below config options or feature flags were deprecated for removal. It’s time to remove them as all supported stable branches are good to handle them.

    • [identity-feature-enabled].forbid_global_implied_dsr

    • [image-feature-enabled].deactivate_image

    • [default].resources_prefix

    • config group orchestration

    • [service_available].heat

  • Remove the deprecated decorator skip_unless_attr in lib/decorators.py.

  • The tox ostestr job (normally invoked with tox -eostestr) has been removed. This was lightly used, and in the near future ostestr will be removed from the tempest requirements file. If you were relying on this functionality you can replicate it by using the venv-tempest tox job. For example, simply running tox -evenv-tempest -- ostestr will do the same thing the old ostestr job did.

  • Tempest CLI commands will no long rely on anything from testr. This means any data in existing testr internals that were being exposed are no longer present. For example things like the .testr directories will be silently ignored. There is a potential incompatibility for existing users who are relying on test results being stored by testr. Anything relying on previous testr behavior will need to be updated to handle stestr.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes tempest run CLI args mutually exclusive behavior which should not be the case anymore (Bug#1751201).

Other Notes

  • The CLIClient class, when it calls a command line client, uses --os-project-name instead of --os-tenant-name for the project, and passes --os-identity-api-version (default empty). All CLI clients still available in supported releases of OpenStack which are wrapped by the cmd_with_auth() method support those switches.

  • A new configuration option [compute-feature-enabled]/volume_multiattach has been added which defaults to False. Set this to True to enable volume multiattach testing. These tests require that compute API version 2.60 is available and block storage API version 3.44 is available.


    In the Queens release, the only compute driver that supports volume multiattach is the libvirt driver, and only then when qemu<2.10 or libvirt>=3.10. The only volume backend in Queens that supports volume multiattach is lvm.

  • OpenStack Releases supported after this release are Queens, Pike, and Ocata. The release under current development of this tag is Rocky, meaning that every Tempest commit is also tested against master during the Rocky cycle. However, this does not necessarily mean that using Tempest as of this tag will work against a Rocky (or future release) cloud.