v30.0.0 Release Notes

30.0.0 Release Notes



This release is to tag Tempest for OpenStack Yoga release. This release marks the start of Yoga release support in Tempest. After this release, Tempest will support below OpenStack Releases:

  • Yoga

  • Xena

  • Wallaby

  • Victoria

  • Ussuri

Current development of Tempest is for OpenStack Zed development cycle. Every Tempest commit is also tested against master during the Zed cycle. However, this does not necessarily mean that using Tempest as of this tag will work against a Zed (or future release) cloud. To be on safe side, use this tag to test the OpenStack Yoga release.

New Features

  • Add parameter to specify the SSH key type. Current options are ‘rsa’ (which is the default) and ‘ecdsa’. Tempest now supports the importing and generation of both ‘rsa’ and ‘ecdsa’ SSH key types.

  • Add a new client to lists, creates, shows information for, updates and deletes neutron floating ips port forwarding resource.

Deprecation Notes

  • Old APIMicroversionFixture classes tempest.api.compute.api_microversion_fixture.APIMicroversionFixture and tempest.api.volume.api_microversion_fixture.APIMicroversionFixture has been deprecated for removal in favor of new location tempest.lib.common.api_microversion_fixture.APIMicroversionFixture

Bug Fixes

  • [bug 1948935] The default value of account-generator –concurrency parameter is now set to 2 instead of 1.