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I18n SIG Chair Guide

This chapter describes tasks for I18n SIG Chair and gives some useful hints. If you want to be I18n SIG Chair or you new in this role, please read carefully. For all other is this chapter informal.


Since I18n team previously followed as a form of official projects, some of the below description may assume detail tasks as PTL responsibility. See Project Team Guide which is a reference for PTLs for more information, and I18n team now follows as a form of working group defined as SIGs (Special Interest Groups).


I18n team participates in various cross project liaisons like Release Management, Documentation and Infrastructure tasks. Many other teams are liaisons in I18n. Visit the Cross Project Liaisons Wiki Page and designate a person for the I18n team. Note that such liaison roles do not have to be I18n SIG Chair. Active I18n cores are highly encouraged.


在每个周期的开始阶段,最好在接下来的几个月内考虑项目的目标并制定翻译计划。 目标可能仍在上一个周期中,并且需要进行审核。 新目标将在 PTG 或类似活动上定义。 引导团队确定 OpenStack范围内的目标

翻译计划会在 Zanata 上公布,并包含翻译中具有最高优先级的项目。 通常这些都是用户可见的项目,如Horizon。

I18n 核心小组

The SIG Chair is supported in the work by the I18n core team. The person designates such kind of project team members and reviews the list from time to time. The usual work of the core team is described in the Project Team Guide. Of course, core team member be can also proposed by the project team.

Launchpad I18n 核心小组

与 I18n 核心小组一样,这里同样适用。 Launchpad I18n 核心小组专注于确定翻译和/或I18n 漏洞的重要性以及对漏洞优先级进行分类。 你可以在 Launchpad I18n 核心组员名单 上找到组员名单。


The work for SIG Chair and Zanata administrator is described in chapter 团队活动与版本发布. This covers also questions about string freezes and work with stable branches.

Extra-ACs Deadline

Each cycle has a date set for Extra-ACs, e.g. Queens Cycle. Maintenance on I18n site is described in chapter 项目维护. All the OpenStack members can propose extra ACs, but I18n SIG Chair is highly encouraged to report the list in each cycle. Here are some useful proposals as example:

This Script in I18n repo collects all users and their activities.



翻译的字符串会在翻译服务器和Openstack基础设施之间自动同步。 这一过程很稳健,但有时也可能会出错。 出于这个原因,在基础设施章节中有一节 监控翻译作业状态

You can check on Gerrit, if the translated strings are imported by the project teams. Core reviewers in each repository are strong encouraged to approve translation sync patches but do not be sad if the translations are not accepted. Zanata Sync jobs are repeated every day until they are merged.


Check from time to time open reviews on I18n repo. In addition to the PTL, the core reviewers are responsible.

Launchpad bugs & 蓝图

翻译bug使用 Launchpad 追踪。通常只有对应语言的团队才能处理这类错误,例如用词不当或者语境。PTL 筛选并指派bug判定的联系人。

I18n蓝图也列在 Launchpad 上。 在一般情况下,蓝图有受托人并描述了某个过程的大部分行动方向。

I18n 邮件列表管理

除了IRC,I18n小组的沟通也通过邮件列表进行。 邮件列表管理员 会查看新订阅者,不允许发布的帖子以及所有与该邮件列表运营的其他事宜。