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 GlusterFS driver

GlusterFS is an open-source scalable distributed file system that is able to grow to petabytes and beyond in size. More information can be found on Gluster's homepage.

This driver enables the use of GlusterFS in a similar fashion as NFS. It supports basic volume operations, including snapshot/clone.


You must use a Linux kernel of version 3.4 or greater (or version 2.6.32 or greater in Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 6.3+) when working with Gluster-based volumes. See Bug 1177103 for more information.

To use Block Storage with GlusterFS, first set the volume_driver in cinder.conf:


The following table contains the configuration options supported by the GlusterFS driver.

Table 2.8. Description of GlusterFS storage configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
glusterfs_backup_mount_point = $state_path/backup_mount (StrOpt) Base dir containing mount point for gluster share.
glusterfs_backup_share = None (StrOpt) GlusterFS share in <hostname|ipv4addr|ipv6addr>:<gluster_vol_name> format. Eg:
glusterfs_mount_point_base = $state_path/mnt (StrOpt) Base dir containing mount points for gluster shares.
glusterfs_shares_config = /etc/cinder/glusterfs_shares (StrOpt) File with the list of available gluster shares
nas_volume_prov_type = thin (StrOpt) Provisioning type that will be used when creating volumes.

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