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 Configuring CHAP and ALUA

On a public network, any application server whose IP address resides on the same network segment as that of the storage system's iSCSI host port can access the storage system and perform read and write operations in it. This poses risks to the data security of the storage system. To ensure the storage system access security, you can configure CHAP authentication to control application servers' access to the storage system.

Configure CHAP and ALUA.

Configure the driver configuration file as follows:

<Initiator ALUA="xxx" CHAPinfo="xxx" Name="xxx" TargetIP="x.x.x.x"/>

ALUA indicates a multipathing mode. 0 indicates that ALUA is disabled. 1 indicates that ALUA is enabled. CHAPinfo indicates the user name and password authenticated by CHAP. The format is mmuser; mm-user@storage. The user name and password are separated by semicolons (;).

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