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 Networking configuration options

The options and descriptions listed in this introduction are auto generated from the code in the Networking service project, which provides software-defined networking between VMs run in Compute. The list contains common options, while the subsections list the options for the various networking plug-ins.

Table 10.1. Description of common configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
admin_password = None (StrOpt) Admin password
admin_tenant_name = None (StrOpt) Admin tenant name
admin_user = None (StrOpt) Admin user
agent_down_time = 75 (IntOpt) Seconds to regard the agent is down; should be at least twice report_interval, to be sure the agent is down for good.
api_workers = None (IntOpt) Number of separate API worker processes for service. If not specified, the default is equal to the number of CPUs available for best performance.
auth_ca_cert = None (StrOpt) Certificate Authority public key (CA cert) file for ssl
auth_insecure = False (BoolOpt) Turn off verification of the certificate for ssl
auth_region = None (StrOpt) Authentication region
auth_strategy = keystone (StrOpt) The type of authentication to use
auth_url = None (StrOpt) Authentication URL
base_mac = fa:16:3e:00:00:00 (StrOpt) The base MAC address Neutron will use for VIFs
bind_host = (StrOpt) The host IP to bind to
bind_port = 9696 (IntOpt) The port to bind to
core_plugin = None (StrOpt) The core plugin Neutron will use
default_ipv4_subnet_pool = None (StrOpt) Default IPv4 subnet-pool to be used for automatic subnet CIDR allocation
default_ipv6_subnet_pool = None (StrOpt) Default IPv6 subnet-pool to be used for automatic subnet CIDR allocation
device_driver = [''] (MultiStrOpt) Drivers used to manage loadbalancing devices
dhcp_agent_notification = True (BoolOpt) Allow sending resource operation notification to DHCP agent
dhcp_agents_per_network = 1 (IntOpt) Number of DHCP agents scheduled to host a tenant network. If this number is greater than 1, the scheduler automatically assigns multiple DHCP agents for a given tenant network, providing high availability for DHCP service.
dhcp_broadcast_reply = False (BoolOpt) Use broadcast in DHCP replies
dhcp_confs = $state_path/dhcp (StrOpt) Location to store DHCP server config files
dhcp_delete_namespaces = True (BoolOpt) Delete namespace after removing a dhcp server.This option is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
dhcp_domain = openstacklocal (StrOpt) Domain to use for building the hostnames.This option is deprecated. It has been moved to neutron.conf as dns_domain. It will removed from here in a future release
dhcp_lease_duration = 86400 (IntOpt) DHCP lease duration (in seconds). Use -1 to tell dnsmasq to use infinite lease times.
dhcp_load_type = networks (StrOpt) Representing the resource type whose load is being reported by the agent. This can be "networks", "subnets" or "ports". When specified (Default is networks), the server will extract particular load sent as part of its agent configuration object from the agent report state, which is the number of resources being consumed, at every report_interval.dhcp_load_type can be used in combination with network_scheduler_driver = neutron.scheduler.dhcp_agent_scheduler.WeightScheduler When the network_scheduler_driver is WeightScheduler, dhcp_load_type can be configured to represent the choice for the resource being balanced. Example: dhcp_load_type=networks
dns_domain = openstacklocal (StrOpt) Domain to use for building the hostnames
enable_new_agents = True (BoolOpt) Agent starts with admin_state_up=False when enable_new_agents=False. In the case, user's resources will not be scheduled automatically to the agent until admin changes admin_state_up to True.
enable_services_on_agents_with_admin_state_down = False (BoolOpt) Enable services on an agent with admin_state_up False. If this option is False, when admin_state_up of an agent is turned False, services on it will be disabled. Agents with admin_state_up False are not selected for automatic scheduling regardless of this option. But manual scheduling to such agents is available if this option is True.
endpoint_type = adminURL (StrOpt) Network service endpoint type to pull from the keystone catalog
endpoint_url = None (StrOpt) Neutron endpoint URL, if not set will use endpoint from the keystone catalog along with endpoint_type
executor_thread_pool_size = 64 (IntOpt) Size of executor thread pool.
force_gateway_on_subnet = True (BoolOpt) Ensure that configured gateway is on subnet. For IPv6, validate only if gateway is not a link local address. Deprecated, to be removed during the K release, at which point the check will be mandatory.
host = localhost (StrOpt) Hostname to be used by the neutron server, agents and services running on this machine. All the agents and services running on this machine must use the same host value.
interface_driver = None (StrOpt) The driver used to manage the virtual interface.
ip_lib_force_root = False (BoolOpt) Force ip_lib calls to use the root helper
ipam_driver = None (StrOpt) IPAM driver to use.
mac_generation_retries = 16 (IntOpt) How many times Neutron will retry MAC generation
max_allowed_address_pair = 10 (IntOpt) Maximum number of allowed address pairs
max_dns_nameservers = 5 (IntOpt) Maximum number of DNS nameservers
max_fixed_ips_per_port = 5 (IntOpt) Maximum number of fixed ips per port
max_subnet_host_routes = 20 (IntOpt) Maximum number of host routes per subnet
memcached_servers = None (ListOpt) Memcached servers or None for in process cache.
periodic_fuzzy_delay = 5 (IntOpt) Range of seconds to randomly delay when starting the periodic task scheduler to reduce stampeding. (Disable by setting to 0)
periodic_interval = 40 (IntOpt) Seconds between running periodic tasks
periodic_monitoring_interval = 5 (IntOpt) Periodic interval at which the plugin checks for the monitoring L2 gateway agent
report_interval = 300 (IntOpt) Interval between two metering reports
rootwrap_config = /etc/nova/rootwrap.conf (StrOpt) Path to the rootwrap configuration file to use for running commands as root
state_path = /var/lib/neutron (StrOpt) Where to store Neutron state files. This directory must be writable by the agent.
vlan_transparent = False (BoolOpt) If True, then allow plugins that support it to create VLAN transparent networks.
check_child_processes_action = respawn (StrOpt) Action to be executed when a child process dies
check_child_processes_interval = 60 (IntOpt) Interval between checks of child process liveness (seconds), use 0 to disable
log_agent_heartbeats = False (BoolOpt) Log agent heartbeats
root_helper = sudo (StrOpt) Root helper application.
root_helper_daemon = None (StrOpt) Root helper daemon application to use when possible.
cert_manager_type = barbican (StrOpt) Certificate Manager plugin. Defaults to barbican.
storage_path = /var/lib/neutron-lbaas/certificates/ (StrOpt) Absolute path to the certificate storage directory. Defaults to env[OS_LBAAS_TLS_STORAGE].
admin_password = None (StrOpt) ESM admin password.
memcached_servers = None (ListOpt) Optionally specify a list of memcached server(s) to use for caching. If left undefined, tokens will instead be cached in-process.
notification_drivers = message_queue (ListOpt) Drivers list to use to send the update notification

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