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 Configuring iSCSI Multipathing
  1. Create a port group on the storage device using the DeviceManager, add service links that require multipathing into the port group.

  2. Log in to the storage device using CLI commands, and enable the multiport discovery switch in the multipathing.

    developer:/>change iscsi discover_multiport switch=on
  3. Add the port group settings in the Huawei-customized driver configuration file, and configure the port group name needed by an initiator.

    <Initiator Name="xxxxxx" TargetPortGroup="xxxx" />
  4. Enable the multipathing switch of the OpenStack Nova module.

    If the version of OpenStack is Havana and IceHouse, add libvirt_iscsi_use_multipath = True in [default] of /etc/nova/nova.conf. If the version of OpenStack is Juno, Kilo, and Liberty, add iscsi_use_multipath = True in [libvirt] of /etc/nova/nova.conf.

  5. Run the service nova-compute restart command to restart the nova-compute service.

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