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Use the following options to alter logging settings.

Table 10.75. Description of logging configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
debug = False (BoolOpt) Print debugging output (set logging level to DEBUG instead of default INFO level).
default_log_levels = amqp=WARN, amqplib=WARN, boto=WARN, qpid=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, suds=INFO, oslo.messaging=INFO, iso8601=WARN, requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool=WARN, urllib3.connectionpool=WARN, websocket=WARN, requests.packages.urllib3.util.retry=WARN, urllib3.util.retry=WARN, keystonemiddleware=WARN, routes.middleware=WARN, stevedore=WARN, taskflow=WARN (ListOpt) List of logger=LEVEL pairs.
fatal_deprecations = False (BoolOpt) Enables or disables fatal status of deprecations.
fatal_exception_format_errors = False (BoolOpt) Make exception message format errors fatal
instance_format = "[instance: %(uuid)s] " (StrOpt) The format for an instance that is passed with the log message.
instance_uuid_format = "[instance: %(uuid)s] " (StrOpt) The format for an instance UUID that is passed with the log message.
log_config_append = None (StrOpt) The name of a logging configuration file. This file is appended to any existing logging configuration files. For details about logging configuration files, see the Python logging module documentation.
log_date_format = %Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S (StrOpt) Format string for %%(asctime)s in log records. Default: %(default)s .
log_dir = None (StrOpt) (Optional) The base directory used for relative --log-file paths.
log_file = None (StrOpt) (Optional) Name of log file to output to. If no default is set, logging will go to stdout.
log_format = None (StrOpt) DEPRECATED. A logging.Formatter log message format string which may use any of the available logging.LogRecord attributes. This option is deprecated. Please use logging_context_format_string and logging_default_format_string instead.
logging_context_format_string = %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d %(levelname)s %(name)s [%(request_id)s %(user_identity)s] %(instance)s%(message)s (StrOpt) Format string to use for log messages with context.
logging_debug_format_suffix = %(funcName)s %(pathname)s:%(lineno)d (StrOpt) Data to append to log format when level is DEBUG.
logging_default_format_string = %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d %(levelname)s %(name)s [-] %(instance)s%(message)s (StrOpt) Format string to use for log messages without context.
logging_exception_prefix = %(asctime)s.%(msecs)03d %(process)d ERROR %(name)s %(instance)s (StrOpt) Prefix each line of exception output with this format.
publish_errors = False (BoolOpt) Enables or disables publication of error events.
syslog_log_facility = LOG_USER (StrOpt) Syslog facility to receive log lines.
use_ssl = False (BoolOpt) Enable SSL on the API server
use_stderr = True (BoolOpt) Log output to standard error.
use_syslog = False (BoolOpt) Use syslog for logging. Existing syslog format is DEPRECATED and will be changed later to honor RFC5424.
use_syslog_rfc_format = True (BoolOpt) (Optional) Enables or disables syslog rfc5424 format for logging. If enabled, prefixes the MSG part of the syslog message with APP-NAME (RFC5424). The format without the APP-NAME is deprecated in Kilo, and will be removed in Mitaka, along with this option.
verbose = True (BoolOpt) If set to false, will disable INFO logging level, making WARNING the default.
fatal_exception_format_errors = False (BoolOpt) Make exception message format errors fatal

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