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 Virtual Network for Open vSwitch options

Table 10.41. Description of Virtual Network for Open vSwitch configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
neutron_sync_mode = log (StrOpt) The synchronization mode of OVN with Neutron DB. off - synchronization is off log - during neutron-server startup, check to see if OVN is in sync with the Neutron database. Log warnings for any inconsistencies found so that an admin can investigate repair - during neutron-server startup, automatically create resources found in Neutron but not in OVN. Also remove resources from OVN that are no longer in Neutron.
ovsdb_connection = tcp: (StrOpt) The connection string for the native OVSDB backend
ovsdb_connection_timeout = 60 (IntOpt) Timeout in seconds for the OVSDB connection transaction

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