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 Fujitsu CFAB configuration options

Table 10.8. Description of FUJITSU Converged Fabric Switch configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
address = (StrOpt) The address of the C-Fabric to telnet to.
password = admin (StrOpt) The C-Fabric password to use.
physical_networks = (ListOpt) List of <physical_network>:<vfab_id> tuples specifying physical_network names and corresponding vfab ids.
pprofile_prefix = (StrOpt) The prefix string for pprofile name.
save_config = True (BoolOpt) Whether to save configuration.
share_pprofile = False (BoolOpt) Whether to share a C-Fabric pprofile among Neutron ports using the same VLAN ID.
username = admin (StrOpt) The C-Fabric username to use.

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