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 Open vSwitch Agent configuration options

Table 10.40. Description of Open vSwitch agent configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
ovs_integration_bridge = br-int (StrOpt) Name of Open vSwitch bridge to use
ovs_use_veth = False (BoolOpt) Uses veth for an interface or not
ovs_vsctl_timeout = 10 (IntOpt) Timeout in seconds for ovs-vsctl commands
arp_responder = False (BoolOpt) Enable local ARP responder if it is supported. Requires OVS 2.1 and ML2 l2population driver. Allows the switch (when supporting an overlay) to respond to an ARP request locally without performing a costly ARP broadcast into the overlay.
dont_fragment = True (BoolOpt) Set or un-set the don't fragment (DF) bit on outgoing IP packet carrying GRE/VXLAN tunnel.
drop_flows_on_start = False (BoolOpt) Reset flow table on start. Setting this to True will cause brief traffic interruption.
enable_distributed_routing = False (BoolOpt) Make the l2 agent run in DVR mode.
l2_population = False (BoolOpt) Use ML2 l2population mechanism driver to learn remote MAC and IPs and improve tunnel scalability.
minimize_polling = True (BoolOpt) Minimize polling by monitoring ovsdb for interface changes.
ovsdb_monitor_respawn_interval = 30 (IntOpt) The number of seconds to wait before respawning the ovsdb monitor after losing communication with it.
prevent_arp_spoofing = True (BoolOpt) Enable suppression of ARP responses that don't match an IP address that belongs to the port from which they originate. Note: This prevents the VMs attached to this agent from spoofing, it doesn't protect them from other devices which have the capability to spoof (e.g. bare metal or VMs attached to agents without this flag set to True). Spoofing rules will not be added to any ports that have port security disabled. For LinuxBridge, this requires ebtables. For OVS, it requires a version that supports matching ARP headers.
quitting_rpc_timeout = 10 (IntOpt) Set new timeout in seconds for new rpc calls after agent receives SIGTERM. If value is set to 0, rpc timeout won't be changed
tunnel_csum = False (BoolOpt) Set or un-set the tunnel header checksum on outgoing IP packet carrying GRE/VXLAN tunnel.
tunnel_types = (ListOpt) Network types supported by the agent (gre and/or vxlan).
veth_mtu = None (IntOpt) MTU size of veth interfaces
vxlan_udp_port = 4789 (IntOpt) The UDP port to use for VXLAN tunnels.
bridge_mappings = (ListOpt) List of <physical_network>:<bridge>. Deprecated for ofagent.
datapath_type = system (StrOpt) OVS datapath to use.
int_peer_patch_port = patch-tun (StrOpt) Peer patch port in integration bridge for tunnel bridge.
integration_bridge = br-int (StrOpt) Integration bridge to use.
local_ip = None (IPOpt) Local IP address of tunnel endpoint.
of_connect_timeout = 30 (IntOpt) Timeout in seconds to wait for the local switch connecting the controller. Used only for 'native' driver.
of_interface = ovs-ofctl (StrOpt) OpenFlow interface to use.
of_listen_address = (IPOpt) Address to listen on for OpenFlow connections. Used only for 'native' driver.
of_listen_port = 6633 (IntOpt) Port to listen on for OpenFlow connections. Used only for 'native' driver.
of_request_timeout = 10 (IntOpt) Timeout in seconds to wait for a single OpenFlow request. Used only for 'native' driver.
ovsdb_connection = tcp: (StrOpt) The connection string for the native OVSDB backend
ovsdb_interface = vsctl (StrOpt) The interface for interacting with the OVSDB
tun_peer_patch_port = patch-int (StrOpt) Peer patch port in tunnel bridge for integration bridge.
tunnel_bridge = br-tun (StrOpt) Tunnel bridge to use.
use_veth_interconnection = False (BoolOpt) Use veths instead of patch ports to interconnect the integration bridge to physical bridges.

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