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 HDFS native driver

HDFS native driver is a plug-in based on the Shared File Systems service, which uses Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS), a distributed file system designed to hold very large amounts of data, and provide high-throughput access to the data.

A Shared File Systems service share in this driver is a subdirectory in hdfs root directory. Instances talk directly to the HDFS storage back end with 'hdfs' protocol. And access to each share is allowed by user based access type, which is aligned with HDFS ACLs to support access control of multiple users and groups.

 Network configuration

The storage back end and Shared File Systems service hosts should be in a flat network, otherwise, the L3 connectivity between them should exist.

 Supported shared filesystems

  • HDFS (authentication by user)

 Supported operations

  • Create HDFS share.

  • Delete HDFS share.

  • Allow HDFS share access.

    • Only support user access type.

    * Support level of access (ro/rw).

  • Deny HDFS share access.

  • Create snapshot.

  • Delete snapshot.

  • Create share from snapshot.


  • Install HDFS package, version >= 2.4.x, on the storage back end.

  • To enable access control, the HDFS file system must have ACLs enabled.

  • Establish network connection between the Shared File Systems service host and storage back end.

 Shared File Systems service driver configuration

  • share_driver = manila.share.drivers.hdfs.hdfs_native.HDFSNativeShareDriver

  • hdfs_namenode_ip = the IP address of the HDFS namenode, and only single

    namenode is supported now

  • hdfs_namenode_port = the port of the HDFS namenode service

  • hdfs_ssh_port = HDFS namenode SSH port

  • hdfs_ssh_name = HDFS namenode SSH login name

  • hdfs_ssh_pw = HDFS namenode SSH login password, this parameter is not

    necessary, if the following hdfs_ssh_private_key is configured

  • hdfs_ssh_private_key = Path to the HDFS namenode private key to ssh login

 Known restrictions

  • This driver does not support network segmented multi-tenancy model. Instead multi-tenancy is supported by the tenant specific user authentication.

  • Only support for single HDFS namenode in Kilo release.

 Driver configuration options

Configuration options specific to this driver are documented here: Table 3.15, “Description of HDFS Share Driver configuration options”.

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