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 NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP driver

The Shared File Systems service can be configured to use NetApp clustered Data ONTAP version 8.

 Network approach

L3 connectivity between the storage cluster and Shared File Systems service host should exist, and VLAN segmentation should be configured.

The clustered Data ONTAP driver creates storage virtual machines (SVM, previously known as vServers) as representations of the Shared File Systems service share server interface, configures logical interfaces (LIFs) and stores shares there.

 Supported shared filesystems

  • NFS (access by IP)

  • CIFS (authentication by user)

 Required licenses

  • NFS

  • CIFS

  • FlexClone

 Known restrictions

  • For CIFS shares an external active directory service is required. Its data should be provided via security-service that is attached to used share-network.

  • Share access rule by user for CIFS shares can be created only for existing user in active directory.

  • To be able to configure clients to security services, the time on these external security services and storage should be synchronized. The maximum allowed clock skew is 5 minutes.

 Driver configuration options

Configuration options specific to this driver are documented here: Table 3.20, “Description of NetApp Share Drivers configuration options”.

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