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 VMware vSphere configuration options

Table 10.45. Description of VMware configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
default_interface_name = FortyGigE1/0/1 (StrOpt) default_interface_name of the l2 gateway
agent_driver = networking_vsphere.agent.ovsvapp_agent.OVSvAppL2Agent (StrOpt) OVSvApp Agent implementation.
bridge_mappings = (ListOpt) Bridge mappings.
dont_fragment = True (IntOpt) Do not fragment.
enable_ovsvapp_monitor = True (BoolOpt) To monitor the OVSvApp Agents.
integration_bridge = br-int (StrOpt) Integration Bridge.
local_ip = (StrOpt) Local IP address of VXLAN tunnel endpoint.
monitoring_ip = (StrOpt) IP address for monitoring OVS Status.
network_manager = networking_vsphere.drivers.manager.VcenterManager (StrOpt) Driver Manager implementation for NetworkDriver.
polling_interval = 2 (IntOpt) The number of seconds the agent will wait between polling for local device changes.
report_interval = 30 (IntOpt) Seconds between nodes reporting state to server.
tenant_network_type = vlan (StrOpt) Network type for tenant networks
tunnel_bridge = br-tun (StrOpt) Tunnel Bridge for tunneling.
tunnel_csum = False (BoolOpt) Set or un-set the tunnel header checksum on outgoing IP packet carrying GRE/VXLAN tunnel.
tunnel_types = vxlan (ListOpt) Tunnel network types supported by the OVSvApp Agent.
veth_mtu = 1500 (IntOpt) MTU size of veth interfaces.
vxlan_udp_port = 4789 (IntOpt) The UDP port to use for VXLAN tunnels.
cert_check = False (BoolOpt) Enable SSL certificate check for vCenter.
cert_path = None (StrOpt) Certificate chain path containing cacert of vCenters.
cluster_dvs_mapping = [''] (MultiStrOpt) vCenter cluster to DVS mapping.
esx_hostname = None (StrOpt) ESX host name where this OVSvApp is hosted.
esx_maintenance_mode = True (BoolOpt) Set host into maintenance mode.
https_port = 443 (IntOpt) Customized https_port for vCenter communication.
vcenter_api_retry_count = 5 (StrOpt) Number of retries while connecting to vcenter server.
vcenter_id = None (StrOpt) Unique ID of the vCenter Server on which this OVSvApp ishosted
vcenter_ip = None (StrOpt) vCenter server IP.
vcenter_password = None (StrOpt) vCenter server password.
vcenter_username = None (StrOpt) vCenter server user name.
wsdl_location = None (StrOpt) vCenter server wsdl location.
console_delay_seconds = None (IntOpt) Set this value if affected by an increased network latency causing repeated characters when typing in a remote console.
maximum_objects = 100 (IntOpt) The maximum number of ObjectContent data objects that should be returned in a single result. A positive value will cause the operation to suspend the retrieval when the count of objects reaches the specified maximum. The server may still limit the count to something less than the configured value. Any remaining objects may be retrieved with additional requests.
serial_port_proxy_uri = None (StrOpt) Identifies a proxy service that provides network access to the serial_port_service_uri. This option is ignored if serial_port_service_uri is not specified.
serial_port_service_uri = None (StrOpt) Identifies the remote system that serial port traffic will be sent to. If this is not set, no serial ports will be added to the created VMs.

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