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 How to use the NFS driver

  1. Access to one or more NFS servers. Creating an NFS server is outside the scope of this document. This example assumes access to the following NFS servers and mount points:




    This example demonstrates the use of with this driver with multiple NFS servers. Multiple servers are not required. One is usually enough.

  2. Add your list of NFS servers to the file you specified with the nfs_shares_config option. For example, if the value of this option was set to /etc/cinder/shares.txt, then:

    # cat /etc/cinder/shares.txt

    Comments are allowed in this file. They begin with a #.

  3. Configure the nfs_mount_point_base option. This is a directory where cinder-volume mounts all NFS shares stored in shares.txt. For this example, /var/lib/cinder/nfs is used. You can, of course, use the default value of $state_path/mnt.

  4. Start the cinder-volume service. /var/lib/cinder/nfs should now contain a directory for each NFS share specified in shares.txt. The name of each directory is a hashed name:

    # ls /var/lib/cinder/nfs/
  5. You can now create volumes as you normally would:

    $ nova volume-create --display-name myvol 5
    # ls /var/lib/cinder/nfs/46c5db75dc3a3a50a10bfd1a456a9f3f

    This volume can also be attached and deleted just like other volumes. However, snapshotting is not supported.

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