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 Distributed virtual router

Use the following options to alter DVR-related settings.

Table 10.61. Description of DVR configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
dvr_base_mac = fa:16:3f:00:00:00 (StrOpt) The base mac address used for unique DVR instances by Neutron. The first 3 octets will remain unchanged. If the 4th octet is not 00, it will also be used. The others will be randomly generated. The 'dvr_base_mac' *must* be different from 'base_mac' to avoid mixing them up with MAC's allocated for tenant ports. A 4 octet example would be dvr_base_mac = fa:16:3f:4f:00:00. The default is 3 octet
router_distributed = False (BoolOpt) System-wide flag to determine the type of router that tenants can create. Only admin can override.

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