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 SR-IOV configuration options

Table 10.44. Description of SR-IOV configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
exclude_devices = (ListOpt) List of <network_device>:<excluded_devices> mapping network_device to the agent's node-specific list of virtual functions that should not be used for virtual networking. excluded_devices is a semicolon separated list of virtual functions (BDF format).to exclude from network_device. The network_device in the mapping should appear in the physical_device_mappings list.
physical_device_mappings = (ListOpt) List of <physical_network>:<network_device> mapping physical network names to the agent's node-specific physical network device of SR-IOV physical function to be used for VLAN networks. All physical networks listed in network_vlan_ranges on the server should have mappings to appropriate interfaces on each agent

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