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 CISCO configuration options

Table 10.7. Description of Cisco configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
device_connection_timeout = 30 (IntOpt) Time in seconds for connecting to a hosting device
fw_svc_helper_class = (StrOpt) Path of the firewall service helper class.
hosting_device_dead_timeout = 300 (IntOpt) The time in seconds until a backlogged hosting device is presumed dead. This value should be set up high enough to recover from a period of connectivity loss or high load when the device may not be responding.
routing_svc_helper_class = (StrOpt) Path of the routing service helper class.
rpc_loop_interval = 10 (IntOpt) Interval when the process_services() loop executes in seconds. This is when the config agent lets each service helper to process its neutron resources.
status_check_interval = 60 (IntOpt) Status check interval for Cisco CSR IPSec connections
backlog_processing_interval = 10 (IntOpt) Time in seconds between renewed scheduling attempts of non-scheduled routers.
cfg_agent_down_time = 60 (IntOpt) Seconds of no status update until a cfg agent is considered down.
default_security_group = mgmt_sec_grp (StrOpt) Default security group applied on management port. Default value is mgmt_sec_grp.
ensure_nova_running = True (BoolOpt) Ensure that Nova is running before attempting to create any VM.
l3_admin_tenant = L3AdminTenant (StrOpt) Name of the L3 admin tenant.
management_network = osn_mgmt_nw (StrOpt) Name of management network for device configuration. Default value is osn_mgmt_nw
service_vm_config_path = /opt/stack/data/neutron/cisco/config_drive (StrOpt) Path to config drive files for service VM instances.
templates_path = /opt/stack/data/neutron/cisco/templates (StrOpt) Path to templates for hosting devices.
csr1kv_booting_time = 420 (IntOpt) Booting time in seconds before a CSR1kv becomes operational.
csr1kv_cfgagent_router_driver = (StrOpt) Config agent driver for CSR1kv.
csr1kv_configdrive_template = csr1kv_cfg_template (StrOpt) CSR1kv configdrive template file.
csr1kv_device_driver = (StrOpt) Hosting device driver for CSR1kv.
csr1kv_flavor = 621 (StrOpt) UUID of Nova flavor for CSR1kv.
csr1kv_image = csr1kv_openstack_img (StrOpt) Name of Glance image for CSR1kv.
csr1kv_password = cisco (StrOpt) Password to use for CSR1kv configurations.
csr1kv_plugging_driver = (StrOpt) Plugging driver for CSR1kv.
csr1kv_username = stack (StrOpt) Username to use for CSR1kv configurations.
max_vsm_retries = 2 (IntOpt) Maximum number of retry attempts for VSM REST API.
management_port_profile = osn_mgmt_pp (StrOpt) Name of N1kv port profile for management ports.
t1_network_profile = osn_t1_np (StrOpt) Name of N1kv network profile for T1 networks (i.e., trunk networks for VXLAN segmented traffic).
t1_port_profile = osn_t1_pp (StrOpt) Name of N1kv port profile for T1 ports (i.e., ports carrying traffic from VXLAN segmented networks).
t2_network_profile = osn_t2_np (StrOpt) Name of N1kv network profile for T2 networks (i.e., trunk networks for VLAN segmented traffic).
t2_port_profile = osn_t2_pp (StrOpt) Name of N1kv port profile for T2 ports (i.e., ports carrying traffic from VLAN segmented networks).

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