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 DHCP agent

Use the following options to alter Database-related settings.

Table 10.60. Description of DHCP agent configuration options
Configuration option = Default value Description
advertise_mtu = False (BoolOpt) If True, effort is made to advertise MTU settings to VMs via network methods (DHCP and RA MTU options) when the network's preferred MTU is known.
dhcp_driver = neutron.agent.linux.dhcp.Dnsmasq (StrOpt) The driver used to manage the DHCP server.
dnsmasq_base_log_dir = None (StrOpt) Base log dir for dnsmasq logging. The log contains DHCP and DNS log information and is useful for debugging issues with either DHCP or DNS. If this section is null, disable dnsmasq log.
dnsmasq_config_file = (StrOpt) Override the default dnsmasq settings with this file
dnsmasq_dns_servers = None (ListOpt) Comma-separated list of the DNS servers which will be used as forwarders.
dnsmasq_lease_max = 16777216 (IntOpt) Limit number of leases to prevent a denial-of-service.
enable_isolated_metadata = False (BoolOpt) Support Metadata requests on isolated networks.
enable_metadata_network = False (BoolOpt) Allows for serving metadata requests from a dedicated network. Requires enable_isolated_metadata = True
force_metadata = False (BoolOpt) Force to use DHCP to get Metadata on all networks.
num_sync_threads = 4 (IntOpt) Number of threads to use during sync process.
resync_interval = 5 (IntOpt) Interval to resync.
use_namespaces = True (BoolOpt) Allow overlapping IP. This option is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

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