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 Configure options in the cinder.conf file

Edit or add the following lines to the file /etc/cinder/cinder.conf:

volume_driver = cinder.volume.drivers.coraid.CoraidDriver
coraid_esm_address = ESM_IP_address
coraid_user = username
coraid_group = Access_Control_Group_name
coraid_password = password
coraid_repository_key = coraid_repository_key

Table 1.2. Description of configuration options for coraid
Configuration option = Default value Description
coraid_esm_address = (StrOpt) IP address of Coraid ESM
coraid_group = admin (StrOpt) Name of group on Coraid ESM to which coraid_user belongs (must have admin privilege)
coraid_password = password (StrOpt) Password to connect to Coraid ESM
coraid_repository_key = coraid_repository (StrOpt) Volume Type key name to store ESM Repository Name
coraid_user = admin (StrOpt) User name to connect to Coraid ESM

Access to storage devices and storage repositories can be controlled using Access Control Groups configured in ESM. Configuring cinder.conf to log on to ESM as the SAN administrator (user name admin), will grant full access to the devices and repositories configured in ESM.

Optionally, you can configure an ESM Access Control Group and user. Then, use the cinder.conf file to configure access to the ESM through that group, and user limits access from the OpenStack instance to devices and storage repositories that are defined in the group.

To manage access to the SAN by using Access Control Groups, you must enable the Use Access Control setting in the ESM System Setup > Security screen.

For more information, see the ESM Online Help.

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