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 DHCP agent

Use the following options to alter Database-related settings.

Table 7.46. Description of configuration options for dhcp_agent
Configuration option = Default value Description
dnsmasq_config_file = (StrOpt) Override the default dnsmasq settings with this file
dnsmasq_dns_servers = None (ListOpt) Comma-separated list of the DNS servers which will be used as forwarders.
dnsmasq_lease_max = 16777216 (IntOpt) Limit number of leases to prevent a denial-of-service.
enable_isolated_metadata = False (BoolOpt) Support Metadata requests on isolated networks.
enable_metadata_network = False (BoolOpt) Allows for serving metadata requests from a dedicated network. Requires enable_isolated_metadata = True
num_sync_threads = 4 (IntOpt) Number of threads to use during sync process.
resync_interval = 5 (IntOpt) Interval to resync.
use_namespaces = True (BoolOpt) Allow overlapping IP.

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