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 Install the Coraid AoE driver

Install the Coraid AoE driver on every compute node that will require access to block storage.

The latest AoE drivers will always be located at

To download and install the AoE driver, follow the instructions below, replacing “aoeXXX” with the AoE driver file name:

  1. Download the latest Coraid AoE driver.

    $ wget

  2. Unpack the AoE driver.

  3. Install the AoE driver.

    $ cd aoeXXX
    $ make
    # make install
  4. Initialize the AoE driver.

    # modprobe aoe

  5. Optionally, specify the Ethernet interfaces that the node can use to communicate with the SAN.

    The AoE driver may use every Ethernet interface available to the node unless limited with the aoe_iflist parameter. For more information about the aoe_iflist parameter, see the aoe readme file included with the AoE driver.

    # modprobe aoe_iflist="eth1 eth2 ..."

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