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 New, updated and deprecated options for nova

Table 2.62. New options
Option = default value (Type) Help string
aggregate_image_properties_isolation_namespace = None (StrOpt) Force the filter to consider only keys matching the given namespace.
aggregate_image_properties_isolation_separator = . (StrOpt) The separator used between the namespace and keys
compute_available_monitors = ['nova.compute.monitors.all_monitors'] (MultiStrOpt) Monitor classes available to the compute which may be specified more than once.
compute_monitors = [] (ListOpt) A list of monitors that can be used for getting compute metrics.
image_cache_subdirectory_name = _base (StrOpt) Where cached images are stored under $instances_path. This is NOT the full path - just a folder name. For per-compute-host cached images, set to _base_$my_ip
image_handlers = ['download'] (ListOpt) Specifies which image handler extension names to use for handling images. The first extension in the list which can handle the image with a suitable location will be used.
kombu_reconnect_delay = 1.0 (FloatOpt) How long to wait before reconnecting in response to an AMQP consumer cancel notification.
log_config_append = None (StrOpt) The name of logging configuration file. It does not disable existing loggers, but just appends specified logging configuration to any other existing logging options. Please see the Python logging module documentation for details on logging configuration files.
max_header_line = 16384 (IntOpt) Maximum line size of message headers to be accepted. max_header_line may need to be increased when using large tokens (typically those generated by the Keystone v3 API with big service catalogs).
neutron_admin_tenant_id = None (StrOpt) Tenant id for connecting to neutron in admin context
ovs_vsctl_timeout = 120 (IntOpt) Amount of time, in seconds, that ovs_vsctl should wait for a response from the database. 0 is to wait forever.
password = None (StrOpt) Password for Redis server (optional).
port = 6379 (IntOpt) Use this port to connect to redis host.
rabbit_login_method = AMQPLAIN (StrOpt) the RabbitMQ login method
scheduler_driver_task_period = 60 (IntOpt) How often (in seconds) to run periodic tasks in the scheduler driver of your choice. Please note this is likely to interact with the value of service_down_time, but exactly how they interact will depend on your choice of scheduler driver.
transport_url = None (StrOpt) A URL representing the messaging driver to use and its full configuration. If not set, we fall back to the rpc_backend option and driver specific configuration.
use_syslog_rfc_format = False (BoolOpt) (Optional) Use syslog rfc5424 format for logging. If enabled, will add APP-NAME (RFC5424) before the MSG part of the syslog message. The old format without APP-NAME is deprecated in I, and will be removed in J.
vif_plugging_is_fatal = True (BoolOpt) Fail instance boot if vif plugging fails
vif_plugging_timeout = 300 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to wait for neutron vif plugging events to arrive before continuing or failing (see vif_plugging_is_fatal). If this is set to zero and vif_plugging_is_fatal is False, events should not be expected to arrive at all.
wsgi_default_pool_size = 1000 (IntOpt) Size of the pool of greenthreads used by wsgi
baremetal/flavor_extra_specs = [] (ListOpt) A list of additional capabilities corresponding to flavor_extra_specs for this compute host to advertise. Valid entries are name=value, pairs For example, "key1:val1, key2:val2"
baremetal/use_file_injection = False (BoolOpt) If True, enable file injection for network info, files and admin password
cells/offset_weight_multiplier = 1.0 (FloatOpt) Multiplier used to weigh offset weigher.
database/db_inc_retry_interval = True (BoolOpt) Whether to increase interval between db connection retries, up to db_max_retry_interval
database/db_max_retries = 20 (IntOpt) maximum db connection retries before error is raised. (setting -1 implies an infinite retry count)
database/db_max_retry_interval = 10 (IntOpt) max seconds between db connection retries, if db_inc_retry_interval is enabled
database/db_retry_interval = 1 (IntOpt) seconds between db connection retries
database/mysql_sql_mode = None (StrOpt) The SQL mode to be used for MySQL sessions (default is empty, meaning do not override any server-side SQL mode setting)
database/sqlite_db = nova.sqlite (StrOpt) The file name to use with SQLite
database/sqlite_synchronous = True (BoolOpt) If True, SQLite uses synchronous mode
database/use_db_reconnect = False (BoolOpt) Enable the experimental use of database reconnect on connection lost
libvirt/block_migration_flag = VIR_MIGRATE_UNDEFINE_SOURCE, VIR_MIGRATE_PEER2PEER, VIR_MIGRATE_NON_SHARED_INC (StrOpt) Migration flags to be set for block migration
libvirt/checksum_base_images = False (BoolOpt) Write a checksum for files in _base to disk
libvirt/checksum_interval_seconds = 3600 (IntOpt) How frequently to checksum base images
libvirt/connection_uri = (StrOpt) Override the default libvirt URI (which is dependent on virt_type)
libvirt/cpu_mode = None (StrOpt) Set to "host-model" to clone the host CPU feature flags; to "host-passthrough" to use the host CPU model exactly; to "custom" to use a named CPU model; to "none" to not set any CPU model. If virt_type="kvm|qemu", it will default to "host-model", otherwise it will default to "none"
libvirt/cpu_model = None (StrOpt) Set to a named libvirt CPU model (see names listed in /usr/share/libvirt/cpu_map.xml). Only has effect if cpu_mode="custom" and virt_type="kvm|qemu"
libvirt/disk_cachemodes = [] (ListOpt) Specific cachemodes to use for different disk types e.g: file=directsync,block=none
libvirt/disk_prefix = None (StrOpt) Override the default disk prefix for the devices attached to a server, which is dependent on virt_type. (valid options are: sd, xvd, uvd, vd)
libvirt/glusterfs_mount_point_base = $state_path/mnt (StrOpt) Directory where the glusterfs volume is mounted on the compute node
libvirt/image_info_filename_pattern = $instances_path/$image_cache_subdirectory_name/%(image) (StrOpt) Allows image information files to be stored in non-standard locations
libvirt/images_rbd_ceph_conf = (StrOpt) Path to the ceph configuration file to use
libvirt/images_rbd_pool = rbd (StrOpt) The RADOS pool in which rbd volumes are stored
libvirt/images_type = default (StrOpt) VM Images format. Acceptable values are: raw, qcow2, lvm, rbd, default. If default is specified, then use_cow_images flag is used instead of this one.
libvirt/images_volume_group = None (StrOpt) LVM Volume Group that is used for VM images, when you specify images_type=lvm.
libvirt/inject_key = False (BoolOpt) Inject the ssh public key at boot time
libvirt/inject_partition = -2 (IntOpt) The partition to inject to : -2 => disable, -1 => inspect (libguestfs only), 0 => not partitioned, >0 => partition number
libvirt/inject_password = False (BoolOpt) Inject the admin password at boot time, without an agent.
libvirt/iscsi_use_multipath = False (BoolOpt) Use multipath connection of the iSCSI volume
libvirt/iser_use_multipath = False (BoolOpt) Use multipath connection of the iSER volume
libvirt/live_migration_bandwidth = 0 (IntOpt) Maximum bandwidth to be used during migration, in Mbps
libvirt/live_migration_flag = VIR_MIGRATE_UNDEFINE_SOURCE, VIR_MIGRATE_PEER2PEER (StrOpt) Migration flags to be set for live migration
libvirt/live_migration_uri = qemu+tcp://%s/system (StrOpt) Migration target URI (any included "%s" is replaced with the migration target hostname)
libvirt/nfs_mount_options = None (StrOpt) Mount options passedf to the NFS client. See section of the nfs man page for details
libvirt/nfs_mount_point_base = $state_path/mnt (StrOpt) Directory where the NFS volume is mounted on the compute node
libvirt/num_aoe_discover_tries = 3 (IntOpt) Number of times to rediscover AoE target to find volume
libvirt/num_iscsi_scan_tries = 5 (IntOpt) Number of times to rescan iSCSI target to find volume
libvirt/num_iser_scan_tries = 5 (IntOpt) Number of times to rescan iSER target to find volume
libvirt/qemu_allowed_storage_drivers = [] (ListOpt) Protocols listed here will be accessed directly from QEMU. Currently supported protocols: [gluster]
libvirt/rbd_secret_uuid = None (StrOpt) The libvirt UUID of the secret for the rbd_uservolumes
libvirt/rbd_user = None (StrOpt) The RADOS client name for accessing rbd volumes
libvirt/remove_unused_kernels = False (BoolOpt) Should unused kernel images be removed? This is only safe to enable if all compute nodes have been updated to support this option. This will be enabled by default in future.
libvirt/remove_unused_resized_minimum_age_seconds = 3600 (IntOpt) Unused resized base images younger than this will not be removed
libvirt/rescue_image_id = None (StrOpt) Rescue ami image
libvirt/rescue_kernel_id = None (StrOpt) Rescue aki image
libvirt/rescue_ramdisk_id = None (StrOpt) Rescue ari image
libvirt/rng_dev_path = None (StrOpt) A path to a device that will be used as source of entropy on the host. Permitted options are: /dev/random or /dev/hwrng
libvirt/scality_sofs_config = None (StrOpt) Path or URL to Scality SOFS configuration file
libvirt/scality_sofs_mount_point = $state_path/scality (StrOpt) Base dir where Scality SOFS shall be mounted
libvirt/snapshot_compression = False (BoolOpt) Compress snapshot images when possible. This currently applies exclusively to qcow2 images
libvirt/snapshot_image_format = None (StrOpt) Snapshot image format (valid options are : raw, qcow2, vmdk, vdi). Defaults to same as source image
libvirt/snapshots_directory = $instances_path/snapshots (StrOpt) Location where libvirt driver will store snapshots before uploading them to image service
libvirt/sparse_logical_volumes = False (BoolOpt) Create sparse logical volumes (with virtualsize) if this flag is set to True.
libvirt/use_usb_tablet = True (BoolOpt) Sync virtual and real mouse cursors in Windows VMs
libvirt/use_virtio_for_bridges = True (BoolOpt) Use virtio for bridge interfaces with KVM/QEMU
libvirt/vif_driver = nova.virt.libvirt.vif.LibvirtGenericVIFDriver (StrOpt) DEPRECATED. The libvirt VIF driver to configure the VIFs.This option is deprecated and will be removed in the Juno release.
libvirt/virt_type = kvm (StrOpt) Libvirt domain type (valid options are: kvm, lxc, qemu, uml, xen)
libvirt/volume_clear = zero (StrOpt) Method used to wipe old volumes (valid options are: none, zero, shred)
libvirt/volume_clear_size = 0 (IntOpt) Size in MiB to wipe at start of old volumes. 0 => all
libvirt/volume_drivers = ['iscsi=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtISCSIVolumeDriver', 'iser=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtISERVolumeDriver', 'local=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtVolumeDriver', 'fake=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtFakeVolumeDriver', 'rbd=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtNetVolumeDriver', 'sheepdog=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtNetVolumeDriver', 'nfs=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtNFSVolumeDriver', 'aoe=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtAOEVolumeDriver', 'glusterfs=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtGlusterfsVolumeDriver', 'fibre_channel=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtFibreChannelVolumeDriver', 'scality=nova.virt.libvirt.volume.LibvirtScalityVolumeDriver'] (ListOpt) Libvirt handlers for remote volumes.
libvirt/wait_soft_reboot_seconds = 120 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to wait for instance to shut down after soft reboot request is made. We fall back to hard reboot if instance does not shutdown within this window.
libvirt/xen_hvmloader_path = /usr/lib/xen/boot/hvmloader (StrOpt) Location where the Xen hvmloader is kept
metrics/required = True (BoolOpt) How to treat the unavailable metrics. When a metric is NOT available for a host, if it is set to be True, it would raise an exception, so it is recommended to use the scheduler filter MetricFilter to filter out those hosts. If it is set to be False, the unavailable metric would be treated as a negative factor in weighing process, the returned value would be set by the option weight_of_unavailable.
metrics/weight_multiplier = 1.0 (FloatOpt) Multiplier used for weighing metrics.
metrics/weight_of_unavailable = -10000.0 (FloatOpt) The final weight value to be returned if required is set to False and any one of the metrics set by weight_setting is unavailable.
metrics/weight_setting = [] (ListOpt) How the metrics are going to be weighed. This should be in the form of "<name1>=<ratio1>, <name2>=<ratio2>, ...", where <nameX> is one of the metrics to be weighed, and <ratioX> is the corresponding ratio. So for "name1=1.0, name2=-1.0" The final weight would be name1.value * 1.0 + name2.value * -1.0.
rdp/enabled = False (BoolOpt) Enable RDP related features
rdp/html5_proxy_base_url = (StrOpt) Location of RDP html5 console proxy, in the form ""
xenserver/agent_path = usr/sbin/xe-update-networking (StrOpt) Specifies the path in which the XenAPI guest agent should be located. If the agent is present, network configuration is not injected into the image. Used if compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver and flat_injected=True
xenserver/agent_resetnetwork_timeout = 60 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to wait for agent reply to resetnetwork request
xenserver/agent_timeout = 30 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to wait for agent reply
xenserver/agent_version_timeout = 300 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to wait for agent to be fully operational
xenserver/block_device_creation_timeout = 10 (IntOpt) Time to wait for a block device to be created
xenserver/cache_images = all (StrOpt) Cache glance images locally. `all` will cache all images, `some` will only cache images that have the image_property `cache_in_nova=True`, and `none` turns off caching entirely
xenserver/check_host = True (BoolOpt) Ensure compute service is running on host XenAPI connects to.
xenserver/connection_concurrent = 5 (IntOpt) Maximum number of concurrent XenAPI connections. Used only if compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver
xenserver/connection_password = None (StrOpt) Password for connection to XenServer/Xen Cloud Platform. Used only if compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver
xenserver/connection_url = None (StrOpt) URL for connection to XenServer/Xen Cloud Platform. A special value of unix://local can be used to connect to the local unix socket. Required if compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver
xenserver/connection_username = root (StrOpt) Username for connection to XenServer/Xen Cloud Platform. Used only if compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver
xenserver/default_os_type = linux (StrOpt) Default OS type
xenserver/disable_agent = False (BoolOpt) Disables the use of the XenAPI agent in any image regardless of what image properties are present.
xenserver/image_compression_level = None (IntOpt) Compression level for images, e.g., 9 for gzip -9. Range is 1-9, 9 being most compressed but most CPU intensive on dom0.
xenserver/image_upload_handler = nova.virt.xenapi.image.glance.GlanceStore (StrOpt) Dom0 plugin driver used to handle image uploads.
xenserver/introduce_vdi_retry_wait = 20 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to wait for an SR to settle if the VDI does not exist when first introduced
xenserver/ipxe_boot_menu_url = None (StrOpt) URL to the iPXE boot menu
xenserver/ipxe_mkisofs_cmd = mkisofs (StrOpt) Name and optionally path of the tool used for ISO image creation
xenserver/ipxe_network_name = None (StrOpt) Name of network to use for booting iPXE ISOs
xenserver/iqn_prefix = (StrOpt) IQN Prefix
xenserver/login_timeout = 10 (IntOpt) Timeout in seconds for XenAPI login.
xenserver/max_kernel_ramdisk_size = 16777216 (IntOpt) Maximum size in bytes of kernel or ramdisk images
xenserver/num_vbd_unplug_retries = 10 (IntOpt) Maximum number of retries to unplug VBD
xenserver/ovs_integration_bridge = xapi1 (StrOpt) Name of Integration Bridge used by Open vSwitch
xenserver/remap_vbd_dev = False (BoolOpt) Used to enable the remapping of VBD dev (Works around an issue in Ubuntu Maverick)
xenserver/remap_vbd_dev_prefix = sd (StrOpt) Specify prefix to remap VBD dev to (ex. /dev/xvdb -> /dev/sdb)
xenserver/running_timeout = 60 (IntOpt) Number of seconds to wait for instance to go to running state
xenserver/sparse_copy = True (BoolOpt) Whether to use sparse_copy for copying data on a resize down (False will use standard dd). This speeds up resizes down considerably since large runs of zeros won't have to be rsynced
xenserver/sr_base_path = /var/run/sr-mount (StrOpt) Base path to the storage repository
xenserver/sr_matching_filter = default-sr:true (StrOpt) Filter for finding the SR to be used to install guest instances on. To use the Local Storage in default XenServer/XCP installations set this flag to other-config:i18n-key=local-storage. To select an SR with a different matching criteria, you could set it to other-config:my_favorite_sr=true. On the other hand, to fall back on the Default SR, as displayed by XenCenter, set this flag to: default-sr:true
xenserver/target_host = None (StrOpt) The iSCSI Target Host
xenserver/target_port = 3260 (StrOpt) The iSCSI Target Port, default is port 3260
xenserver/torrent_base_url = None (StrOpt) Base URL for torrent files.
xenserver/torrent_download_stall_cutoff = 600 (IntOpt) Number of seconds a download can remain at the same progress percentage w/o being considered a stall
xenserver/torrent_images = none (StrOpt) Whether or not to download images via Bit Torrent (all|some|none).
xenserver/torrent_listen_port_end = 6891 (IntOpt) End of port range to listen on
xenserver/torrent_listen_port_start = 6881 (IntOpt) Beginning of port range to listen on
xenserver/torrent_max_last_accessed = 86400 (IntOpt) Cached torrent files not accessed within this number of seconds can be reaped
xenserver/torrent_max_seeder_processes_per_host = 1 (IntOpt) Maximum number of seeder processes to run concurrently within a given dom0. (-1 = no limit)
xenserver/torrent_seed_chance = 1.0 (FloatOpt) Probability that peer will become a seeder. (1.0 = 100%)
xenserver/torrent_seed_duration = 3600 (IntOpt) Number of seconds after downloading an image via BitTorrent that it should be seeded for other peers.
xenserver/use_agent_default = False (BoolOpt) Determines if the XenAPI agent should be used when the image used does not contain a hint to declare if the agent is present or not. The hint is a glance property "xenapi_use_agent" that has the value "True" or "False". Note that waiting for the agent when it is not present will significantly increase server boot times.
xenserver/use_join_force = True (BoolOpt) To use for hosts with different CPUs
xenserver/vhd_coalesce_max_attempts = 20 (IntOpt) Max number of times to poll for VHD to coalesce. Used only if compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver
xenserver/vhd_coalesce_poll_interval = 5.0 (FloatOpt) The interval used for polling of coalescing vhds. Used only if compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver
xenserver/vif_driver = nova.virt.xenapi.vif.XenAPIBridgeDriver (StrOpt) The XenAPI VIF driver using XenServer Network APIs.
Table 2.63. New default values
Option Previous default value New default value
allowed_rpc_exception_modules nova.exception, cinder.exception, exceptions oslo.messaging.exceptions, nova.exception, cinder.exception, exceptions
default_log_levels amqplib=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, boto=WARN, suds=INFO, keystone=INFO, eventlet.wsgi.server=WARN amqp=WARN, amqplib=WARN, boto=WARN, qpid=WARN, sqlalchemy=WARN, suds=INFO, oslo.messaging=INFO, iso8601=WARN
rpc_backend nova.openstack.common.rpc.impl_kombu rabbit
rpc_zmq_matchmaker nova.openstack.common.rpc.matchmaker.MatchMakerLocalhost oslo.messaging._drivers.matchmaker.MatchMakerLocalhost
running_deleted_instance_action log reap
scheduler_default_filters RetryFilter, AvailabilityZoneFilter, RamFilter, ComputeFilter, ComputeCapabilitiesFilter, ImagePropertiesFilter RetryFilter, AvailabilityZoneFilter, RamFilter, ComputeFilter, ComputeCapabilitiesFilter, ImagePropertiesFilter, ServerGroupAntiAffinityFilter, ServerGroupAffinityFilter
virt_mkfs default=mkfs.ext3 -L %(fs_label)s -F %(target)s, linux=mkfs.ext3 -L %(fs_label)s -F %(target)s, windows=mkfs.ntfs --force --fast --label %(fs_label)s %(target)s
baremetal/sql_connection sqlite:///$state_path/baremetal_$sqlite_db sqlite:///$state_path/baremetal_nova.sqlite
cells/cell_type None compute
database/connection sqlite:////home/gauvain/sources/openstack/openstack-doc-tools/autogenerate_config_docs/sources/nova/nova/openstack/common/db/$sqlite_db None
database/slave_connection None
vmware/task_poll_interval 5.0 0.5
Table 2.64. Deprecated options
Deprecated option New Option
max_kernel_ramdisk_size xenserver/max_kernel_ramdisk_size
libvirt_type libvirt/virt_type
xenapi_ipxe_network_name xenserver/ipxe_network_name
xenapi_sr_base_path xenserver/sr_base_path
libvirt_cpu_mode libvirt/cpu_mode
xenapi_torrent_seed_chance xenserver/torrent_seed_chance
xenapi_torrent_max_last_accessed xenserver/torrent_max_last_accessed
xenapi_connection_username xenserver/connection_username
libvirt_volume_drivers libvirt/volume_drivers
libvirt_uri libvirt/connection_uri
xenapi_check_host xenserver/check_host
libvirt_inject_password libvirt/inject_password
xenapi_disable_agent xenserver/disable_agent
xenapi_connection_password xenserver/connection_password
xenapi_torrent_max_seeder_processes_per_host xenserver/torrent_max_seeder_processes_per_host
xenapi_torrent_listen_port_end xenserver/torrent_listen_port_end
libvirt_wait_soft_reboot_seconds libvirt/wait_soft_reboot_seconds
libvirt_iscsi_use_multipath libvirt/iscsi_use_multipath
libvirt_inject_key libvirt/inject_key
libvirt_inject_partition libvirt/inject_partition
xenapi_vhd_coalesce_max_attempts xenserver/vhd_coalesce_max_attempts
xenapi_use_agent_default xenserver/use_agent_default
libvirt_disk_prefix libvirt/disk_prefix
libvirt_sparse_logical_volumes libvirt/sparse_logical_volumes
libvirt_images_volume_group libvirt/images_volume_group
libvirt_images_rbd_pool libvirt/images_rbd_pool
xenapi_remap_vbd_dev_prefix xenserver/remap_vbd_dev_prefix
base_dir_name image_cache_subdirectory_name
xenapi_torrent_download_stall_cutoff xenserver/torrent_download_stall_cutoff
xenapi_ipxe_boot_menu_url xenserver/ipxe_boot_menu_url
sr_matching_filter xenserver/sr_matching_filter
log_config log_config_append
libvirt_snapshots_directory libvirt/snapshots_directory
libvirt_iser_use_multipath libvirt/iser_use_multipath
libvirt_cpu_model libvirt/cpu_model
agent_timeout xenserver/agent_timeout
block_device_creation_timeout xenserver/block_device_creation_timeout
rpc_notifier2/topics notification_topics
xenapi_ipxe_mkisofs_cmd xenserver/ipxe_mkisofs_cmd
xenapi_sparse_copy xenserver/sparse_copy
use_join_force xenserver/use_join_force
libvirt_snapshot_compression libvirt/snapshot_compression
xenapi_num_vbd_unplug_retries xenserver/num_vbd_unplug_retries
target_port xenserver/target_port
xenapi_login_timeout xenserver/login_timeout
xenapi_remap_vbd_dev xenserver/remap_vbd_dev
xenapi_torrent_listen_port_start xenserver/torrent_listen_port_start
xenapi_connection_concurrent xenserver/connection_concurrent
xenapi_vif_driver xenserver/vif_driver
xenapi_torrent_base_url xenserver/torrent_base_url
xenapi_ovs_integration_bridge xenserver/ovs_integration_bridge
xenapi_connection_url xenserver/connection_url
agent_version_timeout xenserver/agent_version_timeout
xenapi_running_timeout xenserver/running_timeout
target_host xenserver/target_host
xenapi_agent_path xenserver/agent_path
xenapi_vhd_coalesce_poll_interval xenserver/vhd_coalesce_poll_interval
iqn_prefix xenserver/iqn_prefix
libvirt_images_type libvirt/images_type
xenapi_torrent_images xenserver/torrent_images
xenapi_image_upload_handler xenserver/image_upload_handler
xenapi_torrent_seed_duration xenserver/torrent_seed_duration
libvirt_use_virtio_for_bridges libvirt/use_virtio_for_bridges
cache_images xenserver/cache_images
libvirt_vif_driver libvirt/vif_driver
agent_resetnetwork_timeout xenserver/agent_resetnetwork_timeout
xenapi_image_compression_level xenserver/image_compression_level
libvirt_images_rbd_ceph_conf libvirt/images_rbd_ceph_conf
default_os_type xenserver/default_os_type
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